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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | SELF
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I just stumbled upon VIRGINS, and I think you’ll be impressed with not only their music, but their very unique backstory. The duo, which consists of Saman Khoujinian and Gabriel Anderson, embarked on a “bike tour”, to record their first record, RGB. This basically had them strapping their instruments on their bikes, as they would play shows every night, and travel around the country during the day. It shows how much dedication these guys had of getting their music out there in a different environemnt. I have to say it must have to paid off, as the sound is amazing. With a mix of Beirut, and good for your soul howling indie rock, it plays off as something uplifting and anthemic. The band enlisted the help of many of their freinds to help give the music an enormous sound. The album is avalaible as a “pay what you want” on their bandcamp. Take a listen below.

The guys are also set to go on a Winter Bike Tour that starts December 26th in in Savannah, GA. - Handclap Movement

"VIRGINS Show Review"

There was a lot of positive energy at Chapel Hill’s Nightlight on Tuesday.

Whether you’re into thrillingly energetic live shows, avant-garde vocals or joyful Beatles covers, VIRGINS hit all the stops.

Saman Khoujinian, lead vocalist and guitarist, and Gabriel Anderson, drummer and vocalist, first performed as VIRGINS last year when they journeyed around the southeast on two bike tours. The local psychedelic folk duo played in front of a nearly packed venue for their first headlining act in Chapel Hill. And for some songs, they played with a packed stage.

Khoujinian and Anderson incorporated a collection of extra musicians for part of their show, to their audience’s excitement — sometimes a bassist, sometimes a keyboard player and sometimes a team of female backup singers.

“We almost never play songs the exact same way that they’re recorded,” Khoujinian said.

The creative variety of VIRGINS’ set list, which included both original songs and covers, kept its cheerful listeners on their toes.

Experimental lyrical style pervaded VIRGINS’ show. Khoujinian often pushed to employ both ends of his vocal range, while Anderson growled and whispered into his own microphone. Dissonant vocal harmonies and surefire rhythm — especially reminiscent of musicians like The Dirty Projectors and Andrew Bird — gave VIRGINS an absorbing live presence.

The enthusiastic pair was well received on their faster-paced upbeat songs that were able to hold the attention of an energetic crowd.

The night opened with a special hammer dulcimer and cello performance by Jordan Humphrey and Christian Adams. Their set, although short, ranged in style from classical to Celtic, preparing the audience for the diverse show that came next.

With a new album in the works, the local music scene can look forward to more creative live appearances by VIRGINS. - The Daily Tar Heel

"VIRGINS prove to be naturals on the first try"

Musical duo Virgins sounds more like a traveling group of gypsy troubadours than it does a two-man indie something-or-other operation out of Miami. Their hometown conjures up images of gaudy clubs filled with siliconed bimbos, overpaid athletes, and trust fund babie,s but Virgins' music seems as though it would be more comfortable in an episode of Portlandia.

From the beginning, members Saman Khoujinian and Gabriel Anderson have kept the process hands on and organic. They stepped onto the scene in November of 2011 with the self-recorded debut album RGB and staged their first tour with nothing but a pair of bicycles, duffel bags, and instruments strapped to their backs. The album has a surprisingly full sound for being only a two-man show, and this is probably owed in large part to both smart production and musical contributions from a long list of friends.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of what Virgins is all about. Khoujinian and Anderson are two of the four founders of Group Mentality, “an ongoing project that cultivates the communal approach to the creative process through art, music, and other means.”

There is a free-spirited vibe to the album, undulating unexpectedly between different sounds and styles even within a given song. Some critics have found this disconcerting but we at Inyourspeakers rather enjoy a good bit of experimentation and musical alacrity in a new artist. The simple backbone of acoustic guitar, djembe, and tambourines as well as a meld of clear male and female vocal harmonization gives it an innocent, '70s folksy feel at times. It is saved from cheesiness by ambient background instrumentals and recorded samplings that give it a modern edge. The vocals often slip into a Devendra Banhart style of pleasingly shaky, lilting strangeness while tracks like “Evergreen Hideaway,” exhibit an impressive range of vocal stylings.

The overall effect of the album is both deep and carefree. RGB is a lovely and impressive initial product and although we love the concept of bicycling musicians, we hope that Virgins finds a faster way to spread their exciting sound to waiting fans around the country.

Listen and download the album here. The “Name Your Price” option makes this musical treat a steal. - InYourSpeakers


RGB - released November 29th, 2011



VIRGINS have toured their home state of Florida on bicycles twice, first in the summer and then the winter of 2011.
The first tour was a guerrilla expedition, with an acoustic guitar and djembe strapped to their backs. The second was more elaborate; electric and acoustic guitars, a jazz organ, and a full drum kit were all driven in a van while the core members of the group, Saman Khoujinian and Gabriel Anderson rode their bicycles from town to town to play shows every night.

Since then, VIRGINS have relocated to Chapel Hill, NC where they released their debut LP, RGB and have packed the local venues, including the Night Light and Local 506 with their steadily growing following. Between invitation-only "secret" shows and plans for future alternative-vehicle excursions, you can expect plenty from this duo in the near future.