BandHip Hop

A little bit of old school flavor, some funk, and some music to keep your head nodding for hours, and you have the unique sound of VIRGMAN Music. Laid back but still swinging! Makes you want to pop a top and relax a bit to enjoy goo music.


My real name is Kevin Virgil. I was raised in a small country town just outside of Syracuse, NY. I have lived in several different states in the northeast as well as a Los Angeles, CA for a stent. I like to think i have the best of both worlds. I've never been too concerned with pleasing the masses, and bending to fit a mold that this industry tries to conform artists to. I make music from my heart and soul, with passion, and because of that it spans demographics. Sticks to the Bricks!

The most unique part of me making hip hop music is the fact that i rarely listen to that genre. Much of my influence comes from countless hours of listening to reggae/dub music, as well as classic rock.

-However, If i was to list the hip hop which i find true to form and inspriing, i would say names like Wu Tang, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Styles P, Nas, AZ. And obviously legendes such as BIG, PAC ..BIG L, BIG PUN and many more.

I am also a College graduate with a degree in Business Management & Leadership.


On The Virg

On The Rocks EP