Viri is a singer/songwriter with a unique tone and musical style. Coming from a Mexican heritage and living in the United States, Viri blends these elements into a funky and contemporary style.


Recently Signed to Marble Mountain Records, Singer-Songwriter Viri is a San Diego, CA native that started singing at the age of nine. Music was first introduced to her by her dad, who taught her how to read music and play the trumpet. She later realized that she had the ability to sing, and entered many singing competitions and performed around the Tijuana, BC Mexico area. Later, her and her family moved to San Diego CA where she was born. Viri kept on singing and performing around the San Diego area, but it wasn't until the age of 15 when she started playing the giutar. After learning how to play the guitar, she started writing songs with her guitar as her accompaniment. She now attends Berklee College of Music to recieve her Bachelor's in Music Business/ Management and performs around the Boston, MA area in the fall, winter and spring and in San Diego in the summer. At the moment Viri is working hard on her first unreleased single "The Only Reason". She will be featured in a compilation Record by Marble Mountain Records "Epic Pop" which is anticipated to be released January 1, 2008. She is planning to have performances this summer in the Los Angeles, CA area as well the Boston area. So please take a minute or two to hear what Viri has to offer. For more info on Viri, Epic Pop and Marble Mountain Records please visit:


Check out for streams of her current tunes.

Set List

30 minute sets/7 songs:
I'm sorry, I Want to Tell You, Fairytale, The Only Reason, Innocent, I Found You, All I Want to Say

Plus covers of:
Fallen, by Alicia Keys