Virtual CH

Virtual CH

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis Singer/Songwriter Chris Harrington triplicates himself on stage to bring you the three-of-a-kind Mixed Media Rock Show Virtual CH. Whether CH is performing on stage or on screen, each instrument performance is unedited in order to deliver a true live band performance experience.


Virtual CH is Minneapolis' own singer-songwiter & multi-instrumentalist Chris Harrington. With a couple of critically acclaimed CDs under his belt, Harrington blazes a new musical and video trail with his new live multi-media rock show. Virtual CH is all CH... critically acclaimed vocals, drums, bass, guitar, keys, gizmos - all synced live to video of CH performing each part...then the audience goes for a visual and sonic ride as CH performs instruments and interacts with video on stage...authentic...Virtual CH.

Celebrate with Virtual CH by listening to their debut single: "Art is out of Phaze."


2011: Art is Out of Phaze Single

Music Released as Chris Harrington
2005: You the Provider CD
2002: Demo Electric EP
1999: STARTER debut CD

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