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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band Hip Hop Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"All Press"

all PRESS available here: - Various


Virtue & Aptitude (are) Prosthetik Senses [full album mc] (2004) | DJ Moves – Loaded Again [1 track mc] (2005) | Lyr-x-Ist – Riders of the North Chapter 1 [1 track mc] (2005) | Decline & Concept – Shakespeare Falling [1 track mc] (2005) | Virtue – Growing Pains [full album mc] (2005) | Nolto & Factor – Red All Over [1 track mc] (2005) | Ra Prophet Lord of the Nine Gated City [1 Track mc] (2006) | Fameless Mixtape [1 track mc] (2006) | RDS – Open Mic [1 track mc] (2006) | Lyr-x-Ist – Riders of the North Chapter 2 [2 track mc] (2006) | Frantic Artillery – The Art of Living [1 track producer] (2007) | Virtue – Good Will Hunting [full album mc & producer] | Vast Imajinations [1 track mc] (2008) | partyboobytrap [full album mc & producer] (2008) | Ambivillains – Call Us a Cloud [full album mc & producer] (2009) | partyboobytrap – Entrapment [full album mc & producer] (December 2009) | Ambivillains – Intergalactic Transfer Students [full album mc & producer] (January 2010) | Time Crisis – Time Crisis [full album mc] (September 2010) | Free Shabazz [1 track mc] (December 2010) | Virtue – Following Wild [full album mc] (July 2011)



I started going hard at 12 and haven’t stopped; there’s some interesting stories there, ask me sometime.
Fameless Fam is my crew, and I am part of the groups partyboobytrap and Time Crisis.
I also rep the labels Milled Pavement and boutique imprint Divergent Series.
I’m a writer, mc and producer for everything that is Virtue, and all that is Vice.

July 5th sees the release of my opus with DJ Emoh Betta, “Following Wild”.
This album is being released with immaculate deluxe packaging by Boston art legend Iansanity. This includes a thick zine, cut-out toys, and more goodies. “Following Wild” will also be released on a limited run of cassette tapes on July 16th that include a bonus remix by Time Crisis as well as a few other hidden gems.

To spread the good word via word of mouth, we are taking this album on the road in August, which gives you plenty of time to memorize the album so you could come yell with me. Check the tour out and RSVP-

I’m honored to name drop the following people I have had the pleasure of touring or performing with in the past: Sleigh Bells, Matt and Kim, Anti-Pop Consortium, Sage Francis, KRS-ONE, Ceschi, Dark Time Sunshine, 2mex, R.A the Ruggedman, OC, AG, Abstract Rude, Masta Ace, Ikey Owens (Mars Volta), Louis Logic, Moe Pope, The Metermaids and more.