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i loooooove this intro for sure... oh my and the voice... and just the
whole complete feeling of this song, it might be my favorite i've heard on this site....

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality.

- kataandtheblaze
Sevierville, Tennessee
January 29th, 2007 -

"Guns and Roses?"

Very Hard Rock feel, The way its meant to be, Just enough noise versus Rhythm.

The Classic Rock gods Favor you guys, Defiantly hard hitting lyrics and lead guitar.

The clear vocals suit the song and have the right intensity. I'm loving this track guys. defiantly a top 50 band if not they will be soon.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Mood, Originality, Most Rocking Track.

- kaminsky
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
December 28th, 2006 -

"tone man,,, tone"

Clean and true sound here!! Well executed and arrangened. Hope this gains some attention for you. One of the best I've heard on
Strong chorus,,,, satisfied with your soul

Extra Credit: Most Rocking Track.

- JayB
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January 25th, 2007

4 out of 5 stars -

"This Rocks!"

Great slow intro building into a rock classic. You really set the scene well in that first verse and then build up the feeling and intensity with the powerful guitars. All throughout the bass and drums are perfect compliment to the mood. The vocals have a Freddie Mercury quality that you should be proud of and showcase more. Well Done!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Mood.

- potato22
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 30th, 2007

4 out of 5 stars -

"Classic Take on Modern Rock"

the lead guitar in the beginning pulls you in with the effect on it (phaser?). great mood; very mellow and ambient. great lyrics, i love the contrast of the lyrics to the mood of the verse; mellow mood to somewhat pissed off lyrics. "i hope you're satisfied with your soul" is a great line. then the gritty electric guitar blows in and completely rocks out. great vocals on the chorus... good voice, very strong. awesome bridge--good change. GREAT guitar solo. very 70's style along with wah. the song carries very well... i didn't even realize it was that long (4:32). great rhythm section by the way (drums/bass). not too overbearing but there when needed. good performance as well. i love the little bass fills in the beginning. overall... you've got a great track here. good production, well written, and rockin' out!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Mood, Most Rocking Track.

- mjcp_2006
De Kalb, Illinois
January 31st, 2007

4 out of 5 stars -

"Nice playing and meaningful song"

The arrangement is great in this one. It's got a decent hook too, which is pretty rare. The vocals are very well done and create a feel that has a substance like Creed or Collective Soul but doesn't even come close to copying any one band. I like the lyrics. Nice to hear someone thinking a little before just screaming some words. I must say that the drums and guitars are awesome. Great job there. Nice work guys!

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Melody, Mood, Most Rocking Track.

- TTuckwell
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
January 9th, 2007

3 out of 5 stars -


This is really good rock band. Great song, great arrangements, great lead vocals and harmonies. You have a 70's sound somewhere between classic rock and progressive rock. I hear Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, and some Black Crowes.

DAVE from Austin, Texas on 24 Jan 2007

"You Guys Rock!!"

I think that you guys are pros at this because this song sounds like someone who has been in this business for ages. This song just rocks out!! It just rocks my world. The only thing that i have for this song is praise, because i just love it. The melody is just so catchy, and memorable. Keep up the good work. You guys will be famous in no time. Trust me. Love this song!!! I can't stop writing good things about this song because it is just so damn good.

slouch from Riverside, California on 11 Nov 2005 -

"Great band"

The intro is reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughan and early Van Halen with its tone. The singer is Masterful - I really mean it, he's got a damn good voice. Kinda like Jason Mraz.

When it kicks in, it is classy, clever and in its own league.

from Brokeonmonday on 11 Nov 2006 -

"An Internet Savvy Bunch"

Issue: January ‘08
Section: The Launch Pad
Artist: Virtue & Vice
Article Title/Subtitle: An Internet Savvy Bunch
Author: Shannon Ambrose

Founded just over a year ago by Jon Jacobson and Jamie Gutfreund, Virtue & Vice have quickly become a mainstay on the Toronto music scene.

After testing their material as an acoustic duo, Jacobson and Gutfreund wanted to form a contemporary rock band with a classic rock feel. Soon the plans were put into motion to find the right musicians who would share in their passion and integrity.

Gutfreund posted a recruitment bulletin on Toronto and soon received a call from a nineteen year old musical protégé by the name of Alessandro Zito. Jamie recalls the now humorous story of their meeting with the talented young drummer. After cancelling his first audition at the last minute, which already did not sit well with Gutfreund, Zito called Jamie at 8:00 AM for the next two to three days, asking to please be allowed to audition for the two founding band members. As Jamie tells it, “I told him, Al you call me at 8:00 AM it’s not going to work out, you do realize we play rock and roll.” Finally, Zito was given a chance to prove his ability and talent far beyond his years.

Now with a drummer in place, Jon on vocals and Jamie on lead guitar, Gutfreund contacted his guitarist cousin, Zack Gutfreund announcing they were ready to go, and Zack completed the line up.

In early 2007, Virtue & Vice released their first five song EP. Recognizing the internet as a powerful tool to market their music, and get it to the fans, they enlisted the help of Garage Within weeks, Virtue & Vice became one of the web site’s most successful groups in the Modern Rock genre, garnering a handful of awards including Best Male Vocals, Best Guitars, Best Drums, Best Production, Best Lyrics and Best Original Track. As well, two of their songs, “It’s Real” and “Finalize” spent numerous weeks in Garage’s Top 20 Charts in Modern Rock.

Gutfreund is over whelmed by the response they have been getting by marketing through the ‘net. He explains, “The internet is the best avenue to get music out there and Garage is great. We have been getting reviews and feedback from fans all over the world telling us they love what we are doing.”

Adding to their internet success, Virtue & Vice made their live television debut on Telelatino Network, performing three songs for a national audience. As well as an Indie Spotlight feature on Hamilton, Ontario’s Y108 Classic Rock Radio and airplay on University radio stations. Not to mention, headlining some of Toronto’s top live music venues such as, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Opera House and Jeff Healey’s Road House.

It has been an amazing year of growth for Virtue & Vice, and these guys from Toronto, Ontario are poised to take their music into a new direction, as a new year begins. Constantly looking to expand their song writing style, they recently added new original material to define the more Alternative sound they were seeking. They also recently added a talented bassist by the name of Rich Itzkovich to round out that new look and sound.

It’s obvious something very special and unique is taking shape on the streets of Toronto. And with the endless and far reaching network of the World Wide Web, Virtue & Vice are poised to take their music far beyond the reaches of Queen Street.

Song Title: Never Trust You Again

Website URL:

MySpace URL:
- Artist Launch Magazine


VIRTUE & VICE - 2008
VIRTUE & VICE - E.P. 2007



In just over a year, Virtue & Vice have become one of Toronto's most electrifying live rock bands. The release of the band's first EP captured audiences with their raw, energetic and authentic sound.

Virtue & Vice have headlined the top live music venues in Toronto including: The Horseshoe Tavern, The Opera House, The Rivoli, Jeff Healey's Roadhouse, Revival, and were selected to headline the 2007 Mosport Raceway Victoria Day Weekend racing event.

Virtue & Vice made their live television debut performing three songs for a national audience on the Telelatino Network. V&V also seem to have struck a chord with many local radio stations. Being featured on Y108 Indie Spotlight, Q107, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and has certainly helped broaden their growing fan base.

After the band released their first EP in early 2007, Virtue & Vice became one of's most successful groups in the Modern Rock genre. Three of their songs went on to capture over 30 awards including 5th Most Original Track All Time for "It's Real", 16 Best Male Vocals All Time in Modern Rock, Best Guitars, and "It's Real" and "Finalize" spent numerous weeks on the top 20 charts in modern rock. The positive feedback and excellent reviews V&V received through earned them three Track of The Day honors in January 2007, and two Track of The Week honors in June 2007.

Jamie Gutfreund (lead guitar, vocals), Jon Jacobson (lead vocals), Alessandro Zito (drums) and Zack Gutfreund (guitars) are getting ready for a what is shaping up to be another busy year. To kick start 2008, Virtue & Vice will release three new tracks that clearly define a fresh new direction in the bands songwriting.

"Never Trust You Again", "Save It", and "Think Of You" are the newest additions to the V&V repertoire. They highlight the sound the band has been searching for to define who and what Virtue & Vice is all about. V&V have also added a new face to the group. Rich Itzkovich has taken over as the bands bassist. His superb playing and ability to adapt to V&V’s sound has made for an easy transition.

In January 2008, V&V will be one of the featured artists in the Los Angeles publication ALL ACCESS Magazine, the online music magazine Artist Launch, and will receive some local attention from the York University newspaper, The Excalibur. V&V also recently licensed their music for the upcoming second season of The Art of Building Bodies on the E! Entertainment Network. The show will be broadcasted throughout Canada and parts of Europe. In March 2008, look out for V&V showcasing their talent during Canadian Music Week at Clinton’s Tavern.