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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Rock


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All We Know f/ Del & Casual
Fahrenheit 9/11 f/ Slaine
God of Thunder
Piercing (Don't Push Me)
Bay of Pigs f/ Del & Vast Aire
No Fear f/ Akrobatik & Casual
Wie Kings f/ Torch
Statue f/ SNowgoons

Solo Albums

Word War 1 :The Voice of Reason
Word War 2 : Evolution of the Torturer
Word War 3 : The Final Conflict

Mix CD

Big Bangers
Summer Sampler Vol.1
Summer Sampler Vol.2

Guest Appearances

DJ Krush "Code 4109"
Army of the Pharoahs "Exertions"
Swollen Members "Raps of the Titans"
Army of the Pharoahs "Death March"
Army of the Pharoahs "War ensemble"
Snowgoons "Statue"
Snowgoons "Snowgoons Dynasty"
Molemen "Scarlet Letter" f/ Del & Casual
SnowGoons "Heads or Tails" f/Jus ALlah &Kamachi
7l&Esoteric "Be ALert"
7l&Esoteric "Touch The Mic"
7l&Esoteric "Headswell"
Count Bass D "Piece of the Pie"
DJ Vadim "The Higher Standard" F/ Mr Lif & Esoteric
Dj Hype "The Session" f/ Freestyle
Blue Sky Black Death "Brain Cells Warm"



By age 17, Virtuoso was making his own vinyl records, appearing on international releases and touring across the globe. Virtuoso’s fiery, intellectual battle raps and honest, cutting-edge social commentary quickly caught the attention of the international underground hip-hop community. With a deep, powerful voice and a versatile, unique flow, he debuted on wax in 1998 and was immediately recognized as a force to be reckoned with on the exploding Boston hip-hop scene. After whetting appetites with devastating off the head freestyles and a string of show-stealing guest appearances, Virtuoso released his first single, “Incinerator,” b/w Orions Belt, featuring Mr. Lif and Esoteric…………

After dropping two more 12s he released his self-distributed debut album, “WW1: The Voice of Reason” acclaimed by fans and critics alike for its lyrical prowess and diverse soundscape…. He followed up this succesfull debut with the Molemen produced 12? “God of Thunder” and appeared on many notable releases in the international music scene………….

Virtuoso has performed extensively in the United States, opening for such popular acts as A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, The Beatnuts, Eminem, Rakim, Bravehearts, Black Moon, Wu-Tang Clan, Deltron 3030 & M.O.P. He has toured Europe four times, including two stints with Oakland lyrical legends, Hieroglyphics. He has also collaborated on record with such musical luminaries as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Slaine, Ill Bill, Vast Aire, R.A. the Rugged Man, Snowgoons, Sicknature, N.B.S., Casual, Jaz-O, Tatyana Ali, Bahamadia, Mr.Lif, Akrobatik, Jedi Mind Tricks,7L & Esoteric, DJ JS-1, Torch and DJ Vadim. His trail-blazing lyrical genius, packaged in a unique blend of hard-edged hip-hop containing elements of rock, funk and dramatic orchestra has garnered significant notice. Virt has been featured in magazines such as URB, XXL, Mass Appeal and Insomniac and was awarded a Boston Music Award in 2002 faor Outstanding Hip-Hop act. His dazzling freestyle skills also earned him an appearance on CBSs The Carson Daly Show and resulted in a final-four finish in the HBO Blaze magazine MC Battle.

Staying true to the ferocious energy that gained him recognition, he came back with a vengeance for his RYKO distributed sophmore LP, “WW2: Evolution of the Torturer.”…………

Released in an election year, the album provides some of the most radical content in recent memory, including the controversial lead single "Farenheit 9/11" f/ Slaine b/w “Military Intelligence" f/ Akrobatik that plays like a hip-hop soundtrack for the war in Iraq & Afghanistan.

In 2005 Virtuoso released his first mix CD "Fahrenheit 617" followed in 2006 by explosive mix CD “Big Bangers” on his newly founded Big Bang Records. In early 2011 he released his long overdue LP "The Final Conflict" to considerable fanfare. After a long wait Virtuoso has finally given his diehard underground fans exactly what they want. Produced primarily by Blue SKy Black Death the final conflict is a lyrical and musical tour de force which is a fitting completion to his legendary "Word War' trilogy. Available now on WWW.BigBangRecords.Net this is one of the most important records to hit the hip-hop scene in many years.

Stay tuned for the next installment "CoVirt Operations" which has Big Virt teaming up with many the SNowgoons the undergrounds finest producers and MC's from around the globe in a multinational hiphop slugfest the likes of which has never been seen before.