Virtuous Standard

Virtuous Standard

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Group of 5 beautiful and anointed women with harmonic voices fittly joined together to create an atomsphere of Praise & Worship. They possess a unique gift that break culture and langage barriers.


Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

L avished with anointing, energy and style; this four women have been called and predestined to minister all of the U.S. and abroad. They are especially known for their international ministry and ability to cross language barriers and racial cultures to effectively fulfill their calling to the masses. A mature group of 10 years; this group’s genre of music has various highlights and lovable peaks. From the urban contemporary style to an anointed praise & worship; Virtuous Standard has mastered it all.

On-time timing of God has now surfaced in the ministry of Virtuous Standard. These ladies completed their 1st half of their project Live in Atlanta in June 2009 and has completed the 2nd in Caino, Italy in Sept 2010.

V irtuous Standard is well known for their plus size image of beauty, confidence and strength which self-esteems so many women. They have the ability to impart and impact the lives and lifestyles of women from all walks of life.

E vident favor has followed the ministry of Virtuous Standard and God’s anointing has inhabited their bellies. Most of them being called and licensed preachers, these ladies raise a standard for a new way of holy living through their character and ability to operate in the gifts of the spirit. Balance is definitely a plus for these ladies! They can entertain you and have you dancing on your feet and then drop you off right at the feet of Jesus in worship. Surely eyes have not seen or ear heard what God has in store for the anointed female ministry of Virtuous Standard.


"El Shaddai" released June 2012 *NEW SINGLE

"Great Is The Lord"
"Unlimited Favor"
"I Hurt You Heal"