Viscera's Recital

Viscera's Recital


Me: Reporting Missing, VR's new track with their new drummer, has been recieving amazing response since its release in early 2004. Playing alongside such extablished acts as, The Appleseed Cast, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Mercury Program, and Our Mercury, VR has been recieving positive attention.


Viscera's Recital is influenced by bands like Silverchair, Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, Far, Weezer, Nirvana, Beloved, Codeseven. Together for 3 years now, they harness a unique sound with influences from alternative, hardcore, and emo-esque genres. Playing along side such acts as The Appleseed Cast, Our Mercury, and Planes Mistaken for Stars, they are beginning to recieve some positive attention. A full length record will be in the works in mid/late 2004, and shopped for release sometime in 2005. Their latest single, entitled "Me: Reporting Missing" is recieving amazing response, and is now available for stream on the web. Being together for such a short time, and at a young age of 21, the band shows speedy growth and talent in their music.



Written By: Curtis Jones

hey historian push your desperate button
I'm self absorbed in my search for some excitement
give me ten good reasons to move
take your ordinary boy
pronounce it 'c' for caesarean
he's winning best actor for thinking of her and acting in love with she
now imagine the roles reversed
what a twisted arrangement
when we're under surveillance
we'll take what we get and give back what we don't need
or take what we need and leave
the whole trust issue
details penciled in with incoherent lead
scenarios teach us
seeds are going to fall and this legacy will fail
so spell your speeches
hey historian push your desperate button
I'm self absorbed in my search for some excitement
just give me one good reason to move
she begins to illustrate her explicit past
a sigh of relief gets released from behind the glass
audiences hold your applause
when the home crowd starts booing their own team
with a standing ovation of empty seats
the city's silenced by the loss of me
hey extraordinary girl
you made this boy so curious
but since we're under surveillance
we'll take what we get and give back what we don't need
or take what we need and leave


Written By: Curtis Jones

the previous evening was eager to discover the futures plans
for my somewhat shortened extension of family
are relatives waiting anxiously for this evenings end
one has to wonder just how this Christmas carol
could possibly ever cloud your content with the decreasing amounts of meaning that was left
or meant by these annual gatherings, an occasion marked by the birth of our saviour
and once it's opened it starts to slowly dissolve back into
a state its original form one which we all can relate
thanks to the pull of a familiar member who anticipates
twelve months from the day
silly me of course I never read with much caution how obnoxious
and so I sip back on this last portion of Santa's potion ok I'm nauseous
do us a favour and don't play favourites
all these cabbage patchish distractions they keep crowding my head like contractions
say our parents had their own private tree and us kids could just laugh about it
but some parents have no maturity and they chose to just sing out loud
falalalalala falalalalalala

Me: Reporting Missing

Written By: Curt Jones

Screens insist on spinning sorries
trouble's incoming
this is me; reporting missing
for those who don't me
a size 13 has gotten off on the wrong foot
1350 his residential livelihood
cornered off by changes in appearance
and a weakening exclamation
asleep beneath the sheets is a panic stricken silent dart
if it was up to me the storm would forfeit to the calm
home sweet home to my security blanket
grandma me
contrary to popular belief
I could really use some disturbance here
to accompany me and privacy
clockwise in right, counter out of place
stop signs in green lights to signal out of strength
just think of all the things ms. hesitant prevents us from doing
bite size starlight, complements of outer space
sometimes the sunshine, supplements my sadder days
I'm listing all my dreams as valid reasons for not leaving
the heaviest of heads, this disasters gone to bed
the friendliest offence head master can't defend
ready, set suspend his better half surrends
can't help to think tomorrow will make me better
but these days tomorrow takes forever
I've had it up to here with the inclement weather
but this way tomorrow can't remember


2001 - Another Word For Synonym EP
2002 - What Happened To Meaningful Music EP
2002 - Confessions Of A Sketch Artist EP
2003 - Alert The Mute EP
2004 - Me: Reporting Missing - Single

- Tracks played on Local Ottawa college radio circuit, Manchester University Radio and CBC Radio 3, broadcast across canada.

Set List

1 - Viscera's Recital (the song)
2 - Loyalist
3 - Ghetto Blast Earnings
4 - Make Out Pt.
5 - Eleven:Eleven
6 - The Importance
7 - Window's Down

We can play an hour long set, but usually end up playing around 30 minutes. We play covers:

1 - One Armed Scissor (At The Drive In)
2 - Pretty Lush (Glassjaw)
3 - Bury White - Far
4 - Smashing Pumpkins