Viscera's Recital

Viscera's Recital


An energetic, ecclectic, original band. The music is technical, melodic, yet still aggressive, and in your face. Lyrically, they posesses a poetic prose that layers over intricate melodies.


‘No one can fake true passion.’ This is a mantra that the members of Viscera’s Recital choose to live by and carry out. All things considered, the band believes in writing great alternative rock songs and supplying rock enthusiasts with music that will arouse, inspire and entertain.

Throughout its relatively short history, Viscera’s Recital has been able to steadily build a loyal local following, as well as garnering interest and support in major satellite cities such as Montreal and Toronto. Playing alongside known acts such as The Appleseed Cast, Moneen, The Constantines, Park, The Full Blast, The Black Maria, A Static Lullaby, The Reason, The Fully Down, and Planes Mistaken for Stars has allowed the band to carve a niche and initiate visibility within their musical genre.

Viscera’s Recital’s first demo song entitled Me: Reporting Missing has been very well received within the industry. In particular, the song long held the no.19 position on the Rock genre, which is compromised of over 1,139 artists worldwide. Moreover, the demo song won the band a spot on the 2004 Vans Warped Tour - it was chosen by a panel of industry professionals in a pool of thousands of other acts belonging to the same genre. In addition, the song has attracted solicitations from several reputable industry A&R and representatives, such as Ralph James (VP The Agency Group) and Ray Danniels (Anthem/SRO Entertainment). Ultimately, listeners in the rock, alternative rock, punk rock, and hard rock scenes have excellently received the band’s sample material.

Following on the success of their sample song, Viscera’s Recital began writing their debut full-length album in early 2004. The debut release entitled ‘10 Good Reasons to Move’ encapsulates the fruits of the quintet’s passion and creativity in ten explosive tracks. The album was recorded and produced by Andy Zeitz at Pebble Studios in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (08/2004 to 12/2004). Subsequently, it was mastered by Nick Blagona (The Tea Party, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens) at Metal Works Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (01/2005). The record displays exceptional song writing and innovative musicianship as it weaves through ten fresh-sounding alternative rock songs. It embodies a sound that they can call their own.

With a strong history and a growing fan base laying the groundwork, Viscera’s Recital seeks to release their album and continually maximize their reach and visibility in North America. With a firm belief in the album’s potential, and a dedicated approach, the band hopes to proclaim their sound and make their passion known to an increasing number of music lovers.


About Blank

Written By: Curtis Jones

Explore the concepts of our moral core you scratch my back babe and I'll scratch yours I wept and wailed these true beginnings hold some truth in meaning this day in age you hit me boy I’ll hit you twice as hard I wept and wailed yeah I wept and wailed
he is not the operator caught in constant yawn at the other end of a lifeline ignoring all our calls so it is here we will wait and it is here we will stay for father to fit us in our suede uniform
cross sect the context of our young’s dress code I’ve wept and wailed yeah I’ve wept and wailed this life’s been based on a movie since the day he began filming in the prenatal stage you hit me man I’ll hit you twice as hard I wept and wailed yeah I wept and wailed it won’t be no public screening, but that don’t mean he won’t see me
he is not the operator caught in constant yawn at the other end of a lifeline critiquing all our flaws so it is here we will wait and it is here we will stay for father to fit us in our suede uniform be right back, call you later at the moment I’m not home leave your name, number and your date of birth in a message after the tone so it is here we will wait and it is here we will stay for father to fit us in our suede uniform
feeling good means moral by fulfilling in those undirected episodes brought forth to us by theory in all fairness we’re shoplifting Berkeley empirical sees prior to observing or nonetheless accused the right of stealing for the needy in all fairness we’re shoplifting Berkeley
go on get lost in the footsteps the truth is spelled there at your feet


Written By: Curtis Jones

Attention tenants hit your switch to our station we’re on , turn this up we’ve crawled out of our basement to voice an opinion with song and a dance no required facts or statistics just a choir with no limits, but as for those limited
duct tape created editions its our turn to be listened we’ve sat through far too many lectures asked to answer well what’s the question ‘a stitch in time saves nine chitter chatter’ where’s the proof here, it doesn’t matter
with me here are some ideas and graphs I’ve assembled a practical model I believe I can resemble by being very precise, taking all the precautions as advice our subculture’s topic is envy until we detonate
top shelf bottom, I couldn’t really care less as long as we get our ghettoblast earnings
ice or wrap, ice ice or wrap I hear that bad habits are the latest fashion a newcomers must have, but I need to see it for myself and if what goes up don’t come down to help I’m scared of heights and the sudden impact of the ground well who wrote this ridiculous list to obtain legendary status if I'm an addict will my name’s get certified in their antique frame beacuse a particular face pops off the top of my brain as a token they claim he wrote and read the book they said would get us heard guaranteed
top shelf bottom, I couldn’t really care less as long as we get our ghettoblast earnings top bunk , shotgun I couldn’t really care less as long as we get to where we are going
what stupid does when stupid’s in love no we don’t always agree but we'll keep our composure how will we know when we’ve struck gold, how does it feel are we in the right field oh we're ghettoblasting off
we need a reconnection with the young defenders playbook because these forts replaced supports cannot uphold anymore yes I hear your complaints but what sense does it make to stay put I didn’t drive this long to sit this far apart from you

Me: Reporting Missing

Written By: Curtis Jones

Screens insist on spinning sorries trouble's incoming
this is me: reporting missing for those who don't mea size 13 has gotten off on the wrong foot
1350 his residential livelihood cornered off by changes in appearance
and a weakening exclamation
asleep beneath the sheets
is a panic stricken silent dart
if it was up to me
the storm would forfeit to the calm
home sweet home to my security blanket grandma made me
contrary to popular belief
I could really use some disturbance here t
o accompany me and privacy
clockwise in right, counter out of place stop signs, green lights signal's out of strength
just think of all the things ms. hesitant prevents us from doing
bite size starlight, complements of outer space sometimes the sunshine, supplements my sadder days
I'm listing all these dreams as valid reasons for not leaving
the heaviest of heads, this disasters gone to bed
the friendliest offence head master can't defend
ready set suspend his better half surrends
can't help to think tomorrow will make me better
but these days tomorrow takes forever
I've had it up to here with this inclement weather but this way tomorrow can't remember


10 Good Reasons To Move - Full Length Record - Released independently in April of 2005. "Me: Reporting Missing" has recieved local airplay, and is available for stream on a variety of internet outlets

Set List

We strictly play original songs. All songs are off our debut full length album '10 Good Reasons to Move'

Set length depends on time alloted. Here is a list of our song titles:

Mon Chéri,
Make-Out Pt.
Me: Reporting Missing
A Night of Firsts
About Blank
Sunday, Monday, Bluesday