Viscid brings the “BIG ROCK “sound combining original hook-driven melody with heavy rock. Visicd's hard rock/dance beat mix is a crossover win that will see them rise to the ranks of rock’s elite.


Viscid is a fresh new band from the Seattle rock scene comprised of former Swag Method members Jamie Jensen, Ross Davis and Chris Ancich, and featuring ex-Austin, Texas lead vocalist Dave Musick. Viscid’s influencers are Soundgarden, Queensryche and Faith No More. Their crossover appeal comes from combining melody with heavy rock, and delivering an original hook-driven sound. The band is tight and energetic and is lead by Dave’s compelling and emotional performance style. “Viscid is one of the greatest new bands with a fresh heavy rock sound”, says Paul Kimble of Pistol Star, known for his work producing Grant Lee Buffalo and Velvet Goldmine. Viscid’s new record Ascend is self-produced with the help of Paul Kimble and Don Gunn.

With Dave’s theatrical delivery and the bands’ wide musical range and diversity, you will be sure to see Viscid rise to the ranks of rock’s elite.


Grow is the 1st album, We have 3 songs streaming, but will have the new songs up soon.
New CD Ascend will be available in September

Set List

Liquid Night; Stimulus; Skyhead; Goddam Life; Truth addict; Lying Disease; Ascend; B.S.A; Insigh; Metaphysical .