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Take Over (2003) EP.



My influences are the Holyghost, the Word, life, my wife, Bishop Richard D. Howell Jr., And other brothers and sisters that are holdin it down in Jesus name through it all. What sets me apart is my ability to articulate life and the Word in a practical and unique way. I've been blessed to have been involved in the ministry since 1998 and countless experiences and lessons learned from the Holyghost has changed my understanding which is reflected in my music. I was born and raised in Gary Indiana in a single parent home. Always believed in God...Never went to church (except on Easter of course). Did what most people in the world does (drugs, alcohol, women, robbin, stealing , and random acts of violence,) and glorified it like it was the greatest, biggest and baddest thing ever until I came to my "wits end". Really, the fullness of time had come for me to be converted so God allowed me to understand that my way wasn't THE WAY and what I was looking for was on the other side of the Cross. The calling on my life when I was 18 years on led me to the church, to repentance, to the alter, in the water, to the impartation of the Holyghost and a new life. All within the span of 2 weeks. Shortly afterwards, I went off to college where I had a full scholarship for Football in Nebraska, lived in the dorms and joined the local fraternity. To make a long story short, I lost the victory for about 2 years then lost my scholarship and moved to Minnesota where the foolishness proceeded until I found myself homeless. Shortly afterwards, I reached my wits end again and was drawn back to repentance and reconciliation of relationship and fellowship with Jesus. I joined Shiloh Temple International Ministries, became very active in ministry and occasionally, rapping at youth functions. I was so consumed with the Word and zeal that I would get written up at work for witnessing, everwhere I went;on the bus, in the streets, the grocery store, I was trying to tell somebody about Jesus. Then the Lord blessed me to drive the van at church, teach Sunday School, and complete Ministerial College, where I majored in Christian Counseling, and Minored in Teaching. Meanwhile, God decided to bless me with a better paying job, 1st car, wife, and owning a new home. After college, I began to teach Children's Church, preach at tent revivals, altar call work and facilitate at halfway houses in the outreach ministry. Meanwhile opportunities to minister through rap music grew. I found favor everywhere I rapped and joined forces with a couple of brothers that were already out there. I found myself doing more and more locally and I met a brother who calls himself Xross that had joined the church. That's when things started going fast concerning Holy Hip Hop. I went from a few shows to over 60 that year including a Bobby Jones showcase in Vegas. Not too long ago the Lord saw fit reform my little theology and purge me into a more effective minister as I found myself growing mechanical in works and experiencing burnout. Works should never supercede relationship. That's not how it goes. That's easy to say, but not quite as easy to apply (until the Lord allows you to be broken). But I hit a third wave of "the wits ends" and came to the revelation that Jesus loves us all unconditionally, will NEVER leave me or forsake me, and is exclusively sovereign. With him I'm like fertilizer, but without him, I'm just a mess.