Vision of Paradise

Vision of Paradise

 Langnau am Albis, Zurich, CHE

Ruth and Evi Juon: Vision of Paradise ARTCONCERT – Belcanto Jazz Soprano, Orchestra and Aquarelle Picture Projections. Ruth Juon and Evi Juon have created together texts, songs, and pictures about «paradise».


Ruth Juon studied classical voice at the Conservatory Zürich, Switzerland with the American Operasinger Carol Smith and pop and jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.
Since then Ruth Juon works as freelance soprano, composer, lyricist and does concerts, TV, radio and recordings with different orchestras in Switzerland, Europe, USA and South America.

Evi Juon studied after her apprenticeship in graphic design visual design at the University of Art and Design Zürich, Switzerland.
Since then she does visual design, writes and illustrates her own picture books and does water colour paintings.
1999 the two sisters Ruth Juon and Evi Juon found their publishing company «Vision of paradise» and work ideally, musically and visually together and bring their Vision of Paradise ARTCONCERT on stage.

Why Paradise in Music and Pictures?
The organization «Women for peace» asked Ruth Juon to write a song against the suppression of the Indians. «I agreed immediately. During the lyric work I had difficulties because I am anyway against any kind of suppression, against the suppression of women, men, children, animals, environment and so far. If I wanted to be fair, I would have had to write a song for all of them, which is impossible. What should I do? I had the idea that I should go for it the other way round, not to say «what against», but rather «what for». Then all of a sudden it got very simple. Of course I am for Paradise on earth! «Vision of Paradise» was born. Evi Juon, my sister, joined me: what could be more fascinating for a painter than to create paradisiac pictures?

Since then we dedicated all our efforts to the subject of Paradise. We began to observe moments of luck in life, and with intuition, thinking, and fantasy, searched for the paradisical ideal which was found in the song «Vision of Paradise»: Love is Paradise!

With «Vision of Paradise» we wish to contribute to a paradisiacal, peaceful, and loving world.


«...Allow me to congratulate you on your efforts to raise public awareness on issues
related to freedom and world peace through your artistry.»
C. Momal-Vanian on behalf of the Secretary-General Kofi Annan, United Nations 2005


Vision of Paradise

Written By: Ruth Juon

Try to see the common things:

We all live
we all breathe
we all love
we all die.

All is the same
all is one
all is love.


Releases by Ruth Juon and Evi Juon at «Vision of Paradise»:
• CD «Mind Suite - The Paradise Formula» for soprano, orchestra, and aquarelles
• Pocket Picture Book «Pocket Think Tank» Thoughts and Pictures
• Picture Book CD «Vision of Paradise» Song Cycle for soprano, orchestra, and aquarelles
• Picture Book with CD «Rabeschwarz und Pinkvioletta» Small Picture and Speech Opera for narrator, aquarelles, and orchestra
• CD «Pas de deux» Ruth Juon, soprano and Eugen Cicero, piano

• CD «Ruth Juon sings Jazz»

• CD «Ruth Juon sings the Tobias Frey Album»

• CD «Swiss Music of the Classic and Romantic Period»

• Picture Book «Disli und Gurkel»

• Aquarelle Fine Art Print Pictures

• Paradise Picture Wall Clocks

• Musical Art Cards
• Silk Foulards – Art to wear
• Paradise Gourmandises

Set List


Outside and inside  R. Juon
Friend in tears  R. Juon
Lovesong  R. Juon
You and I  R. Juon
Easy going  R. Juon
Schlafliedli - Lullaby  R. Juon
Time  from Ireland, writer unknown / R. Juon
Balance  R. Juon
S Mäntscheloos - The human lot   R. Hägni / R. Juon
Tod - Death  R. Juon
Venezuela  R. Juon
Gebet - Prayer  R. Juon
Vision of paradise  R. Juon
Last evening at the sea  R. Juon
15 Small Picture and Speech Opera «Rabeschwarz und Pinkvioletta» E. and R. Juon