Visions in Sound

Visions in Sound


Visions in Sound is an act that requires only an accomplished solo pianist. The instrumental album 'Home' has been composed by Australian Diego LLisebir, and performed by excellent pianist John Martin.It inspires the listener to visualise images that the music describes.It is peaceful and soothing.


Diego LLisebir was born in March 1970 in Barcelona, Spain. He moved to Australia in 1982, where he has made his home ever since. Diego started composing music when he was 13 and has composed a large body of musical works and songs in various styles.

The first album "Home" represents some of Diego LLisebir's earlier creations as a teenager. He used to go for walks at night to escape into his own space. His imagination used to fill the silence of peaceful parks and starry nights.

These pieces are expressive of some of the imagery in his mind on those nights.

John Martin is a pianist known for his diversity, being equally at home in classical recital, lounge music and many other styles.

A former recipient of an Ausralia Council International Music Scholarship, John performs frequently on radio and in concert, partnering Australia's leading classical players and singers.

John's excellent ability to understand and express the meaning of a piece of music made him Diego's natural choice to perform his emotional piano pieces.



Written By: Diego LLisebir

(Instrumental Solo Piano Piece)
Author's Inspiration:
Family : A group of people who are my closest friends, with whom mutual trust is possible and safe. People I want to help in times of need and who want to help me if I need. People who mean well towards me, can accept me as I am and gently help me to be better and who share good times with me frequently. People I like seeing and being with. People whose give and take with me is fair and beneficial to both, and not taken advantage of by either.


The album "Home" was independently released in June 05 and all initial copies have been sold. It will be re-released together with the second album in the series "Horizon", in October 07.

Set List

The duration of the performance is about 50 minutes. Each piece is introduced with a brief description of its meaning. As an example, here is the description of "Home", the first piece: "Home is where I feel safe. Where there are people I like and who like me. Where dreams and talents can be nurtured and made strong. Where one can rest and play cheerfully at the end of the day or week after all the work is done. Where the way I am and the way I do things is acceptable and comfortable to others. Where I can unwind and feel better." (Playing begins)

Here is the full set list:
1. Home
2. At Dawn by the Lake
3. Fields
4. Two Faced
5. Snowy Day
6. When Can I See You Again?
7. Family
8. Reaching Out
9. I Trust You
10.Rainy Streets
11.The Love You Dream of
12.Care for Me