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Visions of a Nomad's “ ARC dreaming was the most popular,exotic and unusual even at the diversions festival, the audience not only forced an encore
but wanted the group to stay all night”


“The rythm of song music and dance in the performance ARC dreaming is incredibly strong, eventhough you can’t really categorise this performance as it is not like anything you have ever seen or heard before, it is as if you are entering a world of mysterious magic, it was hard to sit still on my chair!”


“ In a spectaculaire show, this colourful cast tells the story of the past, present and future of Australia”


“ Musically the didgeridoo play a leading role, not only as a solo instrument but in combination with other instruments; very unusual is also that the didgeridoo is used in classical pieces, jazz and modern grooves, ARC dreaming crosses barriers”



” Their blend of didgeridoo, guitar,harp, keyboards, drums, singing and various other percussion instruments in a fusion of contemporary styles made exciting and varied listening”


“This unique group plays a splendid combination of modern jazz and popular music mixed with Indigenous beats and chants , but what I found most intriguing was their incredible use of a variety of instruments played simultaneously !”
- Irish Times

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Olentangy walkabout U.S.A
ARC dreaming, Zindzi, Dreamtime and Wir War

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V.O.N. / ARC Dreaming



Visions of a Nomad plays world,jazz,fusion,groove and classically influenced music accompanied by the DIDGERIDOO.
Their eclectic, haunting sounds has mesmerized audiences around the globe !
Internationally acclaimed, this group has received rave reviews on their international tour's.
From theatres, concert halls, festivals and the club scene, the group has a wealth of experience not only as musicians but also of producers of International touring show ARC dreaming ( Australian reconciliation Company) in collaboration with Aboriginal artists from Australia.

Key member Michael Cuming is known to play three instruments simultaneously!
The combination of keyboards, kick trigger and didgeridoo, harp and harmonica, percussion and didgeridoo are a few of the unusual combinations of instrumentation played simultaneously.

They touch upon a diverse original repertoire, from classically influenced pieces accompanied by the didgeridoo, to Latin, African Arabic and Flamenco influenced jazz, rich haunting vocal harmonies, backed by the latest grooves.

touring highlights

Woodford festival Australia
Regent theatre melbourne
Bennets lane jazz club Melbourne
Theatre aan het spui, the hague, Netherlands
Chasse theatre, Breda, Netherlands
De Maaspoort theatre ,Netherlands
De Flint theatre, Netherlands
Federation square Melbourne Australia
Tour of Ohio United States
Via Colori festival Columbus Ohio
Diversions festival Ireland
Holland theatre concert tour 2007
Holland Theatre tour 2003
Cultural Olympiad Greece
Ireland theatre tour
Japan concert tour of Kiushiu
Powerhouse theatre Brisbane Australia
Conservatorium theatre Australia
club circuit and festival circuit in Australia.

Michael Cuming and Silvana van Dijk were asked by the Olympic committee to produce and Aboriginal show to be performed on the ruins of the Acropolis and Olympia, where the group performed along side world renowned artists like, Paco Pena, Shaolin warriors, Voix Bulgaris,Barbara Hendrix as to mention a few.

Michael Cuming worked on a film score for National Geographic, recently finished producing a documentary " Long road to Olympia" and has written music for short films, advertisements etc...