My music is a blend of jazz (standards) French and German Chansons, Brazilian songs and original jazz and pop songs. It's International and I sing in different languages (French, German, Portugeese, Swedish and English)


VISMAYA is a World Class Entertainer who has delighted Audiences around the world with her one Woman Cabaret Show Touring Countries such as Germany, Japan, Sweden and the USA.

Singing in five different Languages, VISMAYA’s diverse Repertoire includes Latin, Pop and Jazz. Whether she is belting out a Blues tune, heating up with a Brazilian Samba, Swinging a scat of Ella Fitzgerald or inspiring her Audiences to sing along, VISMAYA takes her audiences through a musical
journey that is spirited and passionate.

VISMAYA has a unique style of stage presence that appeals to all age groups - male and female. She is genuinely warm, yet sensual with an impish girl quality that is truly captivating and charming, drawing in everyone she entertains.

Vismaya is also a songwriter and has written many
songs with Nenad Mandic, a wellknown European
composer. Who has won, amongst others the price
for best song in the Eurovision Songfestival 1992.
His special talent is Film music and songs for movies
especially romantic songs, in the style of Love Story. The CD's : Everywhere I look and Slip into romance are original songs from Vismaya and Nenad, where Nenad Mandic is the composer of
most of the songs and Vismaya is the lyric writer.
Vismaya has also composed some of the songs.


Your golden heart

Written By: N Mandic/I Hagelberg (Vismaya)

Your golden heart

A man can give you copper
another maybe silver but look out
when he gives you gold from his
That's what a wise man told me
when I was broken hearted
he said that I should never settle
for less.

Your golden heart I can see the
love that shines in your eyes.
Your golden heart, pure gold from
the start.

A broken heart can teach you
that now it's time you need to
look inside and find that love
in your heart. Cause when it's
overflowing, you know that your
are going, to find someone who's
got that love in his heart.

your golden heart I can see the
love that shines in your heart.
Your golden heart pure gold from
the start.

Your golden heart, like a flame it
burns all my pain. Your golden
heart, only love remains

Non electric woman

Written By: I Hagelberg (vismaya)

Non electric woman

I'm a non electric woman.
I don't need no cords or power
cause my power is inside and
I refuse to hide that my heart is
open wide.

Aren't you bored with electricity.
It just brings me into misery.
Doesn't touch me anymore since
I know there's so much more
in a non electric woman.

There's got to be another way
to make you feel what I have to
say. When they put on all that
power, it's like an electric shower.


I'm a non electric woman.......

So give me some space
for a silent face and you will be
amazed at the power to be traced.

In a non electric woman

Someone like me to love

Written By: N Mandic/I Hagelberg/R Holiday

Someone like me to love

I still recall, as I sit and watch the
red leaves fall. Your first hello had
the ring of Paris in the spring.

How could I possibly resist the
lure of love you know I would have
missed. So my tears are not full
of regrets.

Our days were filled with the magic
only love can bring. Our nights
became like fireworks we set aflame.

I remeber all the gifts you gave
and the many many wondrous
ways that you always found to say
I love you.

I'll never understand why you went
back again, to a life empty of passion and someone like me to

We didn't finish what we started.
Like a poet to a song. Wev'e been
in each other all along.
I'll never understand why you
went back again to a life empty
of passion and someone like me
to love.

Don't stop falling in love with me

Written By: N Mandic/I Hagelberg (Vismaya)

Do you remember when we met
the way we smiled I can't forget
and suddenly there was some magic in the air.
I could see the lovelight in your
eyes I could fee it from the start
that I would fall in love with you
and touch your heart.

Can you recall the summernight
the stars were shining oh so bright
you took my hand and we were
walking in the sand.
We were melting in a silent space
we were falling into place.
The tears of joy you kissed away
from my face.


Don't stop falling in love with me
and run because you fear that
loving me will only bring you fears.
don't stop faling in love with me
and let your fears take us apart.
just open up and let me into your

And so you called to say hello,
but you were feeling kind of low.
I said I love you, but you said I
don't think so. Your'e afraid of
being hurt again, it's the memory
of pain but darling please don't
stop to fall in love again.

Repeat Refrain

Living in the light

Written By: Nenad Mandic/Ingrid Vismaya Hagelberg

Living in the light

Whenever I take a walk in town
looking at people brings me down.
I search a smile a happy face
but I must find another place.
I wanna go where the people smile
trust my heart and rest a while.
I wanna go where my heart can
dance, where love still has another

Living in the light I don't wanna fight, I just wanna see you smile at
me. living in the light everything is right, love is what we need the air
we breath.

I wanna leave the darkness behind
and live my life in the sun. I wanna
be like the bird up high, fly into the
blue blue skies. I wanna go where
the river flows trust my heart where
it may go. I wanna be where my heart can dance where love still has
another chance


On a sunny day

Written By: Nenad Mandic/Ingrid Vismaya Hagelberg

On a suny day

Clouds are floating by on an endless summersky. Waves are rolling in inviting me to swim. but i am travelling on a train, I wanna see my friend again. the sun is bright and everything seems bright.

I can hardly wait to see the smile upon your face. Winter was so long.
my heart an empty song, but now the sun is on my side and your arms are open wide. I always knew
that all my dreams come true.


I feel fine on this sunny day. i wanna sing and play. (de de de de)
I feel good when the sun is bright
I wanna hold you tight, dance all
night. When you hold me tight.

The train is moving fast, but the memories will last for a long long time. Cause you are on my mind.
And now I see your smiling face.
And I'm lost in your embrace. I always knew that all my dreams
come true.



Non Electric Woman
Flying High
Everywhere I Look
Slip into romance

Set List

My romance
La vie en rose
On a sunny day
How high the moon
Come away with me
Falling in love again
Killing me softly
All that Jazz
It could happen to you
Almost like being in love