Seattle, Washington, USA

Visqueen songwriter Rachel Flotard lends her voice to Neko Case's recent albums, "Middle Cyclone" and "Fox Confessor Brings The Flood". Neko returns backing vocal favors on "Message To Garcia." NPR, CNN, KEXP and Limewire call this a contender for rock album of the year. No kidding.


Message To Garcia is a collection of Visqueen songs that represents a rock and roll epitaph to front woman Rachel Flotard's father. After garnering countless fans, reviews, and playing shows with everyone from Guided By Voices, to Cheap Trick, Visqueen appeared to be on the verge of conquering the world. All of that changed when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Their choice to be together for the duration of his illness would change her direction forever.

"A Message To Garcia" is an essay written in 1899 by Elbert Hubbard inspired by the Spanish American War. The story celebrates the initiative of a soldier who is assigned and accomplishes a daunting mission. He asks no questions, makes no objections, requests no help, but gets the job done. Voracious reader as Rachel's dad was, this is the only time he physically handed her something to read rather than just suggest it. Visqueen toured America in a van for months after their first record, King Me came out, and again with their follow up rocker, Sunset On Dateland. Focused and determined to make a go of the impossible, Rachel would call her Dad from the road each day. He'd ask if she was "delivering it". She knew exactly what he meant. And the only answer was "yes".

On April 7th, Rachel caught her dad's last breath in her hands in the Seattle home they shared since 2002.

Rachel Flotard has spent the last few years splitting her time caring for her father and working with Neko Case, lending her bold, original voice to Neko's recent albums Middle Cyclone and Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Here, Ms. Case returns backing vocal favors on Message To Garcia, joining a spectacular cast of unusual collaborators from pedal steel wizard Jon Rauhouse, to The Fastbacks and The Long Winters.

The result? A gigantic sing-a-long record with gangs of handclaps, hooks that kill, and the exalted blessing of electric guitars and cello.

Produced by Rachel Flotard with her King Me cohort, Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Message To Garcia is the debut album on Flotard's new independent record label, Local 638 Records, inspired by her dad's New York City Steamfitters union.


"Every song is a single. One of the best records of the year." - JOHN RICHARDS, MORNING SHOW, KEXP

"...the new release I am most excited about, Visqueen's Message To Garcia." BROOKLYN VEGAN

"Big-hearted woman from Seattle makes big-hearted tribute record to dad full of big-hearted power chords and open-throated vocals, catchy hooks and riffs, and poignant lyrics. Impossible not to hear without major obstructions forming in the throat." EVERETT TRUE, VILLAGE VOICE, PLAN B MAGAZINE

"This is, without a doubt, a contender for the year�s best rock album." LIMEWIRE

I listened to this CD last week on a drive through the mountains with my band of four grown men. "So Long" is an epic ode to heartbreak and heartache that silenced a car full of over-caffeinated men and perhaps drew a tear or two. Rachel Flotard and her band have written one of the best records that I have heard in a while. Period.

Quite frankly, I�m a little shocked you�re not already shouting along, pumping your fist, kicking over your desk, and setting fire to your coworker�s office in rhythm with Visqueen�s Message to Garcia. It�s fucking badass. Visqueen is basically a super-group made up of some of Seattle�s most ruthlessly talented musicians, and yes, I am well aware of the gravity of that statement. - PETER GRUMBINE/CNN/CURRENT TV

"If Visqueen were a major label baby band, modern-rock radio stations would be all over this record like static cling. King Me is royal fun, a high-speed, sugar 'n'steel picnic from start to finish."

"Truth be told, though, my favorite local bands right now is Visqueen — a female-powered anthem machine that transcends all the categories: gender, genre and region. Do not miss the group's excellent Sunset on Dateland.'"

"Visqueen front woman Flotard is the human incarnation of the Energizer Bunny. Nonstop stories pour out of the New Jersey native."
NPR, All Things Considered

"Visqueen A power-pop trio buoyed by the gleeful union...With sparkling harmonies and towering Les Paul riffs, it's no wonder they've shared bills with everyone from Cheap Trick to the Donnas."

"In 2009 Seattle's Visqueen remain a bright planet in the power-pop universe where Cheap Trick are God and Kurt Cobain is Jesus. At the helm: Rachel Flotard - she of the angelic voice, red locks, and rediculously entertaining stage banter - who'll lead her band through a set of their signature sunny racket and face punching melodocism."

"When Visqueen took the stage before the New Pornpgraphers, they single-handedly pumped up the room full quiet, quasi-hipster Seattle-lites,who couldn't resist bouncing around to the catchy, energetic music. Yes kids, it's t


2002 - 7" vinyl "His Way"
2003 - "King Me" (LP)
2004 - "Sunset On Dateland" (LP)
2009 - "Message To Garcia" (LP)

Set List

About 45mins. Compilation of 3 albums. Mostly playing new record front to back.