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"VISTALANCE-Next On Stage"

If you look up the Word "Vistalance" in the dictionary, you won't find it. Now, cut the word in half to "Vista" And "Lance." Vista is described as "a far-reaching mental view or awareness," while lance is "a weapon used to cut through." This barely brushes the the tip of the ice burg as a description for the rock metal band Vistalance.

When asked the meaning of their name, the members of Vistalance plead the 5th Amendment. They want people to find their own personal meaning for it; whatever the music makes the listener feel.

All I can say is that describing the music of Vistalance as a far-reaching mental view cutting through society,like a machete shearing down the stalks of bamboo seems pretty damn impressive.

If it's one thing this band has found success in since forming in 2002, it's overcoming obstacles. Between dealing with stolen equipment, losing and gaining members, and planning their own national tour
while managing themselves, their impressive local fan-base has stuck with them through it all. The musicians of Vistalance includes vocalist Vince Oleson, guitarist Brandon Kruszeniak, bassist Dan Mully, and Nick Remirez on percussion.

These talented musicians have incorporated a style that appeals to many listeners, young and old. The catchy domineering vocals resonate with raw intelligence and Oleson has the ability to harmonize his piercing wails effortlessly, resulting in his rippling creamy melodies. Unlike many local bands, the guitar and bass are both strong suits here and blister together like a fuse of lightning at the core of the music. The sharp incessancy of drums puts the proverbial icing on the musical cake; weaving every instrument together in a perfect rhythmic waves that vibrate through the bodies in the crowd.
- MYFM Magazine


Emergency Room (2008)
Ep-Embrued (2005)



Raging lyrics, engaging riffs, resonant bass and pounding drums can be heard tearing off the rooftops of Phoenix's local scene when VISTALANCE hits the stage. Since VISTALANCE got together in 2004, Vince Oleson, Brandon Kruszeniak, Dan Mully and Justin Coffini have come armed with the ability to rock the panties. VISTALANCE's passion, energy and message strike a chord with their audience that leaves fans transfixed and yearning for more. With such allies as Luckyman Entertainment, Static Management, AMP Energy Drink and Orphan Lyrics VISTALANCE has been keeping their SW regional fan-base entertained and constantly growing. Along side such national acts as Flyleaf, Jimmy Eat World, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Social Distortion, Thrice, Rise Against, Flowbots, Atmosphere and Cage 9, VISTALANCE has evolved and perfected their live extravaganza.

After their EP "Embrued" sold out, their first full length "Emergency Room" (out NOW) is sure to exceed all expectations.