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"The ego-smashing trend of ultra-realness has reached the windy shores of the Chi. Visual presents himself to be nothing more than who he is, just a regular guy" - Dan Vidal @ Urb magazine


VISUAL was recently on a tour of South France and is finishing up his next project "Hello Hip Hop" ...

If you don't know what he is on, you should get to know. A man with a plan, Visual is the hardest working independent artist in Chicago. His signature blue collar work ethic is evident when you consider that he has individually managed a majority of his career. This includes delivering on public relations, promotions, and booking responsibilities as an artist as well as pushing forward the initiatives of his Community Service record label as a manager. A brief look at his accomplishments will establish his title of "Working Class Legend".

Visual grew up in the Logan Square community on Chicago's northwest side. The diverse urban setting, combined with the stereotypical living conditions associated with the area, provided Visual with a lot of inspiration and experience to begin writing poems which evolved into the raps we hear today. Being the youngest of four brothers, one of which is Panik from the Molemen, helped shape Visual's identity as a hard working and independent artist. Although he could have leveraged Panik and Molemen's fame to ensure success in the industry, he decided to pursue music on his own terms.

"Sometimes people try and jump ahead when it's something they haven't earned or it's something they aren't ready for. I just don't want anybody to say 'I put you here'. I always tell myself I'm going to take my own steps and I'm going to get somewhere". - Chicago Tribune

This unique approach along with his work ethic has equipped Visual with an edge we do not usually see in the industry. David Vidal at Urb Magazine said it best in their Next 1000 Feature, "The ego-smashing trend of ultra-realness has reached the windy shores of the Chi. Visual presents himself to be nothing more than who he is, just a regular guy".

Growing up around other local legends like Juice, Rhymefest, Vakill, and Capital D has been both a learning experience and one that has come full circle. Collaborations with local legends include songs with Capital D from his Working Class Legend album and a song with Juice from the Figured it Out album. During the course of his career Visual has shared the stage with artist such as Lupe Fiasco, The Pharcyde, Atmosphere, Glc, Dj Vadim, DJ A-Trak, Brother Ali, and Swollen Members with much fanfare. It is important to recognize his involvement around Chicago as not only a trendsetting musician, but also as an actor, television show host, and youth advocate. Visual's relentless pursuit for success has landed him positive media attention across a wide variety of channels. This includes articles, features, and reviews in the following: Urb Magazine,,,, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Red Eye.

Visual's work ethic will continue to test the limits set forth by the "business as usual" way of doing things in the industry. Visual will continue to deliver the TRUTH by doing and being the hardest working independent artist in Chicago. Fuse TV has aired Visual's "We Gonna Fly" as part of Fuse On Demand Chicago Presents: Fuse Music Loop. Fuse TV can be seen on Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network, and many other cable providers across the nation. Visual can also be seen on History Channel's "Gangland" in a dramatization and as a host on Chicago's UGtv.
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Figured It Out album intro

Written By: VISUAL


Real recognize real, man I never been fake
I’m that kid from back then, ya’ll remember my face
I ain’t never have shit, man, humble beginnings
The bottom of the bottom, all ya’ll fuckas is finished
Every word that I spit lays down like a brick
This is my crib right here, my foundation and shit
Look I found what I am, and I am what I found
And ya’ll should all do the same, look in the mirror, be proud

See it’s real simple, understand my philosophy
I’mma do everything, it’s the shit that you ought to be
I’mma do what I want, I’mma feel how I feel
I’mma tell you how it is, c’mon people I’m real
I’m that thing that I do, all of this type of skill
It’s the way that I move; it’s the way that I build
This is revolution, this is change
Here go a piece of my heart and a piece of my brain

Come on ...

Written By: VISUAL

Come On …

My whole movement is I keep on moving it
I’m for the people and my music will be proving it
No image, man, I’m a real artist
Ya’ll really wanna see things? Then be a part of this
I’mma take ya’ll everywhere that I’ve seen or know
Where I been, where I’m at, and where I mean to go
You will cry, you will laugh, you’ll be pissed at me
But in the end your boy here will make history

Come on …

come roll with me
I’m the realest dude you know, I’m from the streets
And I do know drama, and I do know beef
But I never sold crack, and I hold no heat
Yet I’m so gangsta … so hood
Angelic demon so evil and good
And I’m so pimp but I ain’t got hoes
And I dropped outta college but I make my own dough

I do not follow; my heart’s not hollow
I’m good and bad, soy buen y malo
Man the game’s all in me, I chase the dough
Main reason homeboy’s cause I been so broke
What I do is for those that don’t judge
Or at least those that don’t judge like they’re dumb
Be open minded, man, you can’t be blinded
Don’t be a hater and don’t be one sided
Cause I’m true to myself, you should be true to you
If you like it, raise it up; if you don’t then forget you

Come on …

come roll with me
I’m what this what this whole damn game right here’s been missing
I got a lot to show, I started out at the bottom
If these fake dudes front, under pressure I got ‘em
I’m a real rebel, I move at all levels
I move with God but still listen to the devil

Blues from Chicago (Eye on Tomorrow)

Written By: VISUAL

Blues from Chicago (Eye on Tomorrow)

It’s the blues from Chicago come feel my sorrow
But don’t ever feel stuck, keep an eye on tomorrow
It’s a place where they beg, steal, kill and borrow
So we gotta maintain and keep our eye on tomorrow

I was young, all the dudes were dumb
Cause I would see their gun and think ‘what the fuck?’
Where they thinking, these fools got guns around a kid
And back then I realized it’s fucked up how we live
The same shit my brothers were doing when I was a baby
Thinking back they gotta be part of the reason I’m crazy

It’s a trip how these are all of my memories
But if I hate my memories, I’ll be my very own enemy
And nah man, I can’t have that
I gotta persevere, man I must have that
Like I was nineteen, homie, living on my own
I literally had no type of home
Had to call my sister and see what’s up
She was kind enough to tell me ‘bring all of your stuff’
So the next couple years, I went from futon to couch
Friend’s house, sister’s house, brother’s house, I’m out
Finally got my own place with a couple of friends
Had to start slanging weed to meet a couple of ends
To this day nobody knew, but now they will know
When they hear me on the song and I’m spilling my soul

I stay focused on winning and moving on up
Now I’m focused and I’m winning and I’m moving on up
I realized the blues is something that’s inside of you
But the blues is something you don’t need with you


Written By: Visual


For real, who ever got it … I need $500 dollars, for this lady by my crib who’s behind on rent

She bought groceries, paid bills and most of her money is spent, plus she got two kids man … She’s living check to check

Oh yeah, I can’t forget this shorty that I know ... Man, he’s been looking depressed lately, why? I don’t even know

I think because his pops is gone and he’s young but feeling old … I’m gonna go hang with him, let him forget for a minute take him to a show, I’ll be cool with him ya’ll don’t trip I got some dough

But listen some crazy kid on the Southside, last week tweaked got high and pulled a drive by … He aimed @ some dudes that looked just like some dudes, he missed and hit not one innocent child but two … If a few of ya’ll can get together, we need like five G’s ($5,000) so we can split it up between the two families, I really just want to see the shorties get a proper burial

I know this crazy ya’ll, sorry if I’m scaring you but I figure there’s enough of us to help out, her, him and them that need to be helped out

Like this one female, she’s dreaming about college, she’s beautiful smart and passionate about dollars … She wants to get into marketing and advertisement, open up her own business and start enterprising … The thing is she need like 30 G’s ($30,000) from me and you, I figure between all of us it’s the least we can do, to help someone reach their dreams and better their situation

Like this shorty at the crib who has been patiently waiting, the last six months from his, man he’s been saving … He’s into music, he wants to cop a Motif, he says he wants to be able to sample and play the keys and man he’s only short like 300 bucks ($300) come on ya’ll I know that ain’t really shit to us

But listen, every morning I see this old man that takes the bus … 5 am sitting there waiting on a bench, snowy days, rainy days man he’s sitting there drenched
Let’s just take a few hundred dollars so he can have transportation, you know? His own so he won’t have to be there waiting, it’s easy I won’t spend dough this weekend, you do the same … Don’t go to the club, the movies or that damn game!

What i'm on

Written By: Cesar Zamudio aka Visual

Verse 1 -

Yeah, yeah ... I'm fresh as hell
used to be so broke now my pockets swell,

well how can you hate a man thats so damn great but still humble like a mumble when in front of your face ...

huh, I don't sweat, don't worry & don't stress

I do what I do stay cool & take steps

I thought about it, planned it , did it & do it

gotta love the way I move & I get up into it

Now, look at the man thats so true with the plan

I'm gonna be who I am & gain milions of fans

Cuz one, everybody loves the truth & thats me, i'm a real rebel to the youth

& two, I'm an under dog, I rep the people, i'm from the bottom ya'll

you know what I'm on, reall music & songs

Fresh fade, fresh ideas, revolution is on !

Hook -

Fresh kicks, Sidekick on my hip, mind full of biz, no time for bullshit ...
yup, build with kids, goods how I gotta live ... huh huh, You know what I'm on ....

YEAH ...

The go is my home, my flow, my dough, my soul , yeah ... thats all that I know ... Look, when I go I know that glow ... huh yeah , You know what I'm on



* Dirty EP 00''
* Figured It Out LP 06'
* Working Class Legend LP 09'
* Working Class Legend:Overtime LP 10'

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* The Resume Vol. mixtape 1 07'
* Never sold crack 10'

Appears on

* Matlock - Crazy artist type (tape) 98'
* Verbal - Prelude to nothing (CDR) 99'
* Prime - The Cleansing (CDR) 00'
* Record Playas - Sound Tracks for days 03'
* Vyle - Post-Paleontologist 03'
* DJ Vinny Vicious - Lights out (Mixtape) 03'
* Ransak records - Pressure Points 03'
* DJ Anomaly - Mountains Rise 04'
* Longshot - Civil War (Mixtape) 04'
* Rhymespitters (DVD) 04'
* DJ Cosm Rocks - Chicago & Beyond 05'
* DJ Monky - Nothins better (Mixtape) 05'
* Nico B - Just another mixtape (Mixtape) 05'
* Longshot - Civil War (DVD) 05'
* DJ Monky - Nothins Better 2 (Mixtape) 05
* Molemen - Lost Sessions 05'
* Vince P. - "Return of the prince" mixtape 06'
* DJ Madd Jazz presents: The essence ... Mixtape 06'
* Molemen - Chicago City Limits, Vol. 2 06'
* Rip - Local celebrity mixtape 07'
* RocaStona - Znasz Nas_07'
* Scheme - For my people 07'
* Scheme - Same Rebel New Cause 10' * DJ Madd Hatter & Coast 2 Coast mixtapes present: We dem Blockstarz 08' * Esohel – Essential 11’

Music Videos
Music Videos

* Blues from Chicago 06'
* We gonna Fly 09'
* What's up Joe 10'
* Never sold crack 10'
* So Crazy 10'

Set List

20 (Minimum) - 60 minute set depending on what is requested by the promoter or venue

Songs performed :

Impossible is nothing
We Gonna Fly
Never Sold Crack
Whats up Joe
So Crazy
Truth of the city
Real Reason