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Brandishing a unique style of sludge folk, Vita is like a face-off between Neil Young and Captain Beefheart armed to the teeth with chainsaws and angle-grinders.....


Niall Cuddy is an artist and musician living in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. In 2006 he formed Vita, albeit in his head. At that time he was writing and performing with the electro rock outfit ilya K. This went along and went along until they decided to part company in 2009 thereby enabling Niall to fully focus on developing the Vita concept, whatever that resolved itself to be. Moving to a house in the sticks he took some time to augment this burning fancy and let it simmer for a while.
And the flower that is Vita grew and prospered unwittingly but consciously as all flowers do.
Music, beauty, ideas, postulations, frustration, anger, thwarting, love; all moving freely but drawn toward a common objective.
It was here that Niall became acquainted with cellist Lea Miklody and collaborating on some tracks they decided there was something there so more musicians were recruited, namely Tiarnan O'Corrain on piano, brothers John and Andrew McAleer on bass and drums and vocalist Vicky McDonagh.
This is how Vita works best, drawing from a pool of indefinite parameters within the confines of prevailing protocal.
Vita is in the epoch of revolution, the lyrical content being unconventional, laced with dark overtones and black humour.
Vita is in the ethos of punk, trying not to take itself too seriously but at the same time reflecting on a figment of some world gone innocent- corruption.
Vita is an impression of reality on the consummate reverie.
Have fun with the flame ... .


Dan Burke, his daughter and me

Written By: NIall Cuddy

Winter took Dan Burke away
left his house and girl.
He tried so hard but he could stay
no longer in this world.
He wrote me a letter just
right before he died.
The house went to the Bankers Trust
and she became my bride.
She became my bride.
The only time I needed someone
was when I needed you
I feel you near but you’re so far
Will heaven love me too?

We lived to pass the many years.
I was of elder creed.
A loveless union for most part
and fruitless in its yield.
Now empty pines makes a wife love less
Relationships collapse.
The difference here I must confess.
The age too far a gap.
The age too far a gap.

A son cast from her fathers’ mold
was all that she had asked.
The longing finally took its toll.
And she hanged herself at last.
So this is where my story ends
The same way it began.
I buried her inside ten years
since the winter took old Dan.
The winter took old Dan.


Currently working on new concept album... previous releases are listed below

Sleepers EP - Released 2006

Song No. 4 EP - Released 2006

Vinegar Lives EP - Released 2010

Oh the beautiful Bovine - Released 2010