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Vital Stats

Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Philadelphia, PA
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Soul




"Vital Stats - Jaxon's Local Shots Artist of the Month"

Vital Stats is a most righteous conglomeration of Rock, Soul, Funk and Motown music, all cooked up in a tasty gumbo they like to call Trash-Soul. Lead by the charismatic Jacques St. Claire, Vital Stats has turned heads with their attention demanding performances and tantalizing sound.

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Jacques St. Claire rode freight trains throughout much of his teenage years, eventually settling in Philadelphia. After securing a job as a bellhop at the Rittenhouse, he sought out the members of the band, proclaiming to each of them that late one night on a freight train bound for the north east, the Lord delivered to him the message that he must work to atone for his wicked ways. His work was to lead a congregation of hooligans into salvation through the power of Trash-Soul. That is how Vital Stats came into fruition.

Vital Stats has been a traveling Trash-Soul band for five years, playing countless shows in the tri-state area, and has been featured at the Philadelphia Italian Market Festival hosted by Connie's Ric-Rac in 2015 and 2016, Hollystock 2014, 2015 and 2016, and Mount Holly NJ's Witches Ball festival in 2015.

In 2015, they released their first offering, a four song EP entitled The Tip. Vital Stats is currently in the studio recording their first full-length album.

When you hear their music, you will discover how a term so brash as "Trash-Soul" can be used to define a sound that uniquely blends the genres of rock, soul, funk and motown. When you see them live, you will witness the energy of a rock and roll exorcism, and recognize a thirst in your soul for the incantation, "GOT'TA!" - WMMR

"The Stats on Vital Stats"

Named after an album by legendary cornet player Scottie McDonald, Vital Stats is a band of its own entity, full of heart, soul, and libido. Although they’ve been around for nearly five years, those essential characteristics of the band has never waned. Only intensified. What has changed though, is the fact that their sound has become more polished as they master their craft and continue to incorporate elements from an expansive wealth of sources particularly oldies: soul music, Motown, doo-wop, blues, funk, rock from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and even music on the radio.

The band was formed by chance through some random encounters in Philadelphia. From there, the live music scene of Philadelphia has inspired then to keep pursuing their dreams and to develop a genre that they call Philadelphia Trashsoul. As vocalist Jacques St. Claire describes, “Half of our performance is soul/blues/doo-wop music on speed, and half of it is myself stripping for the audience and telling them how good I look. I like to throw in a lot of bodybuilding poses as well, just to emphasize that point.”

This band clearly embodies fun and a ‘don’t care’ attitude, which is also reflected in their EP, The Tip, released in Summer 2015. The Tip was recorded at Bluelight Digital Sound in Mt. Holly, NJ, and the band extends their gratitude to Matthew Bogacki, producer. The EP has received moderate success and has been played over college radio, local radio stations, podcasts, and even at a mental institution in England. Regarding the latter, St. Claire jokes, “I feel that’s a good demographic for us.”

Taking inspiration from concepts include liberté, égalité, and sexualité, it is no surprise that the EP is very high-energy. Different members write different portions of each song, until the group collectively revises the song. St. Claire likens the song writing process to a cooking metaphor. “We cook it in a step and taste test every five minutes until it’s cooked just right. I personally usually write a song after taking a few dashes of five or six songs I enjoy, throw in my own ingredients, and let it simmer til I’ve got a spicy gumbo goin’ on.”

The songs command your attention from the get go and strive to transcend serving as mere “ambient, background music.” This EP could serve as the soundtrack music for your life and is thus very forward in the manner that it is presented to us. Unfortunately for us, the EP is a bit on the shorter side.

If you’ve never heard of Vital Stats before, try out their intro song “Motown in Me” to start. It’ll throw you into a frenzy foray of musical passion. Currently, Vital Stats is recording their full length album (to be titled soon) and also have been practicing for a number of shows they have coming up in the Philadelphia area. They’ll be playing the Fire on April 30th, the Italian Festival on May 22nd, and Bourbon and Branch on May 25th.

There are plenty of opportunities to catch them this spring. To learn more about Vital Stats, check out their Facebook and website. - That Music Magazine

"Celebrate the long weekend with a single and a show from Vital Stats"

It’s looking to be a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend, and what better way to kick it off than with some catchy music?

This single is brought to you by Philly indie/trash-soul band Vital Stats. The band has seven, yes, SEVEN members, so there’s sure to be something in there for everyone to enjoy. Their claim to fame is their unique mix of “soul shakin’, earth quakin’, baby makin’ electrified Funk, Soul and Rock music!”

“Kia” is the type of song to blast out in your car, windows rolled down, on a sunny day like today. Led by Jacques St. Claire’s soaring, wistful vocals, this single is chock-full of call-and-response singing, anthemic choruses, and power-popping percussion.

Once you’re done cruising for the day, catch Vital Stats at the May Mayhem festival at PhilaMOCA tonight! Here’s a preview of what you’ll see tonight to get you in the groove. - WXPN The Key




VITAL STATS is a most righteous conglomeration of soul shakin’, earth quakin’, baby makin’ electrified Funk, Soul and Rock music. Led by the charismatic Jacques St. Claire, Vital Stats delivers songs of unequaled groove—retro tunes with a brash style that is truly their own unique brand of soul-revival.

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