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Why'd you Come Here

Written By: Vitaley Ovchinnikov

Why’d You Come Here
Vitaley Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic, Bass / Pavel Drums

Oh coming back from a gather one day
I dump my catch down, take a seat and look up
I seen the biggest log I’ve ever seen
Floating way out in the blue ocean
It seems to be coming closer every moment
Blown in by the wind till we all could see
White ghosts riding in on a log
Yelling and a screaming, waving their hands everywhere
A panic the tribe and I would never guess
The next bloody scene enough to bring down the rest
Our spears were no chance compared to the hot metal on our insides

Why’d you come here
Why’d you come here
Why’d you come here
Well to take now, another man’s land

They came to harm and conquer the land
They came and gave names to places already named
Most got away and are safe
Some ran away to let all the others know
Many were dying, tied up or killed
Others were abused, misused, confused, refused
They came and claimed our land and taken it away
And ripped it right from our fathers hand
We could still share, but they would never dare
And it’s not fair to our land stripped and bare
Now where dying of their diseases
And their new animals are eating our gathering
The white ghosts they have came and brought along a curse
And now what’s left of us are all sick and hungry.


They had the land respected the land
They had it passed down from their Father’s hand
For 40 thousand years they wondered this land
And now we can’t even have our own tribal land
And now over a couple of hundred odd years
They’ve thrown of nature and made Mother Nature mad
Ignorance ain’t no damb excuse
It never settled any damb abuse, no
There not the first, no, and you see we are definitely not the last
To see the desecration of their habitation


© Vitaley 2008