Vital Motion

Vital Motion



Most guitarists take their first lesson at age 13 or 14. Steve McGarry began at 22. Having always imagined playing an instrument from a very young age he made up for "lost time" almost immediately. Only a fewmonths into taking guitar lessons, Steve wrote his first song and formed his first band.

Songwriting became the main focus because, as McGarry says, "The song is everything." The band, then called Solar Camp, hailed from Yonkers, NY,
soon became veterans of the New York City club and bar scene. There, they honed their chops and writing skills tirelessly, entertaining audiences night after applause-filled night.

When questioned about his musicality, McGarry says his strongest talent is his melodic sensibility which is featured in his guitar playing in his new band, Vital Motion.

Just finishing up a five song EP at Axis Sound Studios in Manhattan, this recording contains some of McGarry's best work to date. Songs like, "Love Me Today" and "Love My Brain" are currently being cirrculated throughout film and television companies internationally and have major hit potential.

Be on the lookout for Steve McGarry and Vital Motion because the buzz is big and they are here to stay!