Vitamin D

Vitamin D

 Seattle, Washington, USA
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As a DJ, producer, composer, emcee and engineer, Vitamin D's (aka Derrick Brown) influence is hard to overstate. He has been praised as the prime mover behind Seattleā€™s sound. It's widely reputed that his studio, The Pharmacy, is the launch pad for more than a handful of forthcoming talented acts.


Growing up in Seattle with a guitarist father and a DJing cousin, Vitamin D (born Derrick Brown) was constantly surrounded by different types of music, though hip-hop was always his first love. Despite flirting with b-boying, after he saw DJ Jazzy Jeff perform, Vitamin D knew making music was what he truly wanted to pursue. He began working in Seattle's Pharmacy studio, and soon was producing records for artists around the Northwest. Alongside Jake One, Vitamin D got his big break after the duo made beats for Blackalicious MC Gift of Gab's 2004 solo debut, 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up, which brought his name into the underground rap spotlight.


2003 No Good b/w Touch Da Sky [Single]

Release Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
01 No Good (dirty)
02 No Good (radio)
03 No Good (instrumental)
04 Touch Da Sky feat. H-Bomb (dirty)
05 Touch Da Sky feat. H-Bomb (radio)
06 Touch Da Sky (instrumental)
07 Enstramental
Vitamin D - No Good b/w Touch Da Sky

13 vitamin d - no good DJ Nu-Mark - Hands On

17 Hip Hop feat. The Planets - The Opening
Ghetto Children (Vitamin D)

Vitamin D (Radio) D-Stroy - The Matador b/w
Vitamin D
Vitamin D (Dirty) D-Stroy - The Matador b/w
Vitamin D
Vitamin D (Instrumental) D-Stroy - The Matador b/w
Vitamin D
30 Roll Call feat. Vitamin D Boom Bap Project -
Welcome To Seattle
produced by Vitamin D Supernatural - S.P.I.T. (Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought)

Boom Bap Project The Trade b/w Writers Guild (1)
Production by Jake One, Cuts by Vitamin D

Boom Bap Project Welcome To Seattle (2005)
Production: 01,03,07,11,24,25,30 by Jake One;
04,14,16,18 by Vitamin D; 22,27 by Bean One;
32,36 by Pale Soul.

Gift of Gab Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up (2004) Production: Vitamin D, Jake One

Redman Red Gone Wild (2007)
E3 (track 1) ; Adam Deitch & Chris "Max" Pinset (tracks 2, 6 & 23) ; Timbaland (track 3) ; Pete Rock (track 4) ; Rocwilder (tracks 7, 16 & 18) ; Scott Storch (track 8) ; Erick Sermon (tracks 9, 12 & 21) ; Da Mascot (tracks 10 & 19) ; DJ Clark Kent (track 11) ; Watts (track 13) ; Vitamin D (track 14) ; Tha Chill (track 17) ; Da Omen (track 22)