We have a "sound" but sometimes it's hard to tell what exactly that is. Imagine an indie/alt-rock band with a hint of country. People have told us we sound like everything from the Pixies and british punk to the Carter family and Beethoven.


The year of 2005, while it may have been highly disappointing for the cigarette industry, turned out to be a highly entertaining experience for those in the rock category. With some of the greatest bands in the world turning out their best albums yet, and other new bands sprouting all over the world, setting musical standards higher yet, there sat in the hot, dry, shitty-smelling Greeley, Colorado a bright, young foursome of the musical persuasion out to make their foot prints in the manure infested streets of the fastest groaning city in the U.S. Ryan Kieth Ellison and, Lizzy Allen spent much of the year with roommate Gary Villeneuve in the upstairs of a little house on 11th avenue, betwixt numerous fraternity houses and empty keg shells, spending way too much on rent, having trouble finding an extra roomie, and putting up with a hellish neighbor, whose cats were oft scared of loud banging noises coming from the empty bedroom of the cramped, but cozy abode. Frequent visitor and friend, Crawford Philleo approached the three sometime in mid-February of that year about perhaps starting a band. Pretty soon, the group was together, and remained nameless for sometime, slowly taking old compositions (primarily those of either Ryan alone, or the collective efforts of Ryan and Gary and Lizzy) and molding them into fully formed, short bursts of indie songdom with an eye to the past, and a hopeful one for new experimental frontiers. After some months and eventually years of hard work, changing practice spaces (one of which included a utility storage space... that was cold... very very cold), the band settled into a warehouse practice area, recorded their first s/t five-song EP with a young up-and-coming producer from Denver (and also Constillations band member), Cory Brown. Since then they have manged to independently sell over 300 copies of that very same EP which has been frequently played on such independent radio station such as Boulder's 1190 and KCSU's 90.5, not to mention Denver's own 93.3. With frequent write-ups in Denver's Westword newspaper the band decided early this year that Greeley has had enough. They are currently making the move to Denver. The band has it sights set on recording an album, releasing it, and then touring. They want to continue to focus on creating unforgettable live shows (along the line of the one this past March with ManMan) and to scatter their talents throughout the country.


Self titled EP "Vitamins"
all tracks have been played on air including a single "holy roses"

Set List

Bat In the Hose
Pink Zebra Fuck Four Five
The Dreadful News (those who laugh)
Kids Next Door
No Matter Homes
Mr. Teets
The Saints
C street
Shoot' em
Mister Fishstick
Hambone and a Hilly
It All Ran Out