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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
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"Review: Vitamins — No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What"

The relighting of krautrock has been professed in various ways and provided in many different flavors. Mogwai's recent imbuement of the genre's signature static rhythms and progressive compositions coupled with their own appetite for melancholy on Hardcore Will Never Die made for a captivating and altogether diverse approach; my enthusiasm toward Hammer of Hathor's Vroom-Psycho was also a direct correlation to my affection for krautrock architects Neu! Denver quartet Vitamins don't quite dim the genre like Mogwai, nor do they channel their inspirations as broadly as Hammer of Hathor. Vitamins, however, attain a facet to claim their own.

In fact, Vitamins' penchant for tightly wound grooves and expansive builds is much more subtle than what bloggers postulate. One must look no further than the A side "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What" to gather that the band's sound is relatively modern. Constant drums snake their way through coruscant synthesizers, chugging bass, and bouncing major-chord melodies as frontwoman Lizzy's vocals reverberate above the tense jam. "Tense," because the sounds generating underneath the instruments seem incredibly alien, yet "No Notion" remains to sound vivacious and bubbly.

On the flip-side, "The Disappearance of David Lee Powell" is the dirge to counter the single's sugar-coated onslaught. Here, the group retains the format of its predecessor, yet paces itself slowly. With progression, raucous sound effects create further disorientation, bringing light to Vitamins' psychedelic rock connections. Though not as uptempo, the crescendos never leave their climactic and powerful capabilities astray.

Vitamins' sophomore release paints a brief yet well-established image of a band with the quirks and eccentricity to accommodate their equally diverse and consistent songwriting. The A and B sides are dressed similarly, though remain completely different animals. If this equilibrium between consistency and divergence follows the quartet to a full-length capacity, it's unmistakable that plenty of praise will follow them as well. - Olive Music


Vitamins has never sat idle for long, and this EP is proof of that. At first, "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What" sounds like the kind of breezy indie pop that the group did so well on its last album, 2008's Calliope — except it also appears that someone in the band (which includes occasional Backbeatblog contributor Crawford Philleo) might have been listening to a bit of krautrock and found a way to make it sound joyous. "The Disappearance of David Lee Powell," by contrast, is darker and moodier, like the vibe on the band's 2009 release, Songs for Stem Cells, only more sharply realized. "Liquid Crystals," meanwhile, displays a willingness to inject even the catchiest material with sonic experiments and unconventional rhythms and song structures. Judging from this recording, what comes next from Vitamins will be remarkable. - Westword

"Vitamins: "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What""

Vitamins recently sent over word on their new 7", set to drop this Spring on Hot Congress. "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What" is an explosive krautrock jam that already feels as if it is painted with vivid colors. Director Rob Feulner effects add to the already intense amount of motion from the two skaters, building a surreal world as the skaters shift constantly in size. --Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast - Altered Zones

"Complete From A to Zinc"

Where interstellar psychedelic vibrations and down to earth, folks-next-door twee pop meet – you’ll find the Denver-based upstart Vitamins. Amalgamating apache rhythms with upbeat synth hooks, crafty dream pop flavors, and a classic college radio vibe, Vitamins are influenced by and reminiscent of every poppy-yet-kinda-out-there artist from the ’90s and early aughts you love (or at least should love). The Vaselines and Stereolab are obvious reference points, but these guys aren’t hacks. Their new 7? offers up intriguing sonic shifts and smart, original songwriting. Have a listen to the fuckin’ crucial space pop of “No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What” below… totally rips. I’ve been groovin’ righteous to this jam for the past five to seven business days, and if it doesn’t strike a chord with you as well, you’re probably a total dick. Vitamins are one to watch. If you like the song, preorder the 7? from Hot Congress for only $5. Priced to move, folks! Friend ‘em on the MySpaces too. - The Decibel Tolls


Vitamins EP (self-released, 2005)
Calliope CD (self-released, 2007)
Songs for Stem Cells CD (Hot Congress, 2009)
No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What 7" (Hot Congress, 2011)



Vitamins first formed in Greeley, CO in 2005, and has since re-located to Denver, playing and performing in the Colorado area as well as on tour as a 4-piece since 2008. Completely self-composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered, Vitamins has amassed a modest, yet powerfully inventive discography full of smart songwriting, tight execution, and sparkling production. The band has performed alongside many of today's finest indie artists, including Man Man, Citay, Birds & Batteries, Chairlift, Gauntlet Hair, Woodsman, Tjutjuna, Tennis, and many others. The band was also recently hand-picked by the Flaming Lips to open their December, 2010 concert at the Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado. Vitamins has traveled on tour to the West Coast and performed at SXSW 2010.