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Debut CD has been released! has link for online CD purchase.
'Breathe' is on Riot on Sunset, Vol 5, a compilation CD put together by 272 Records for promotion at 25 college radio stations in Hollywood and on
Crystal won a finalist position in the UK songwriting competition in 2007, both for the song as a whole and for the lyrics.



From completely different musical backgrounds, we tentatively began to explore some co-writing after having met in a band late 2004. We quickly realised that we were of like mind, attitude and approach. The combination of our abilities yielded some exciting possibilities and our stylistic differences gelled into a cool and complementary contrast in our music. Soon a productive song writing partnership took off. Characterised by catchy riffs, meaningful lyrics and carefully crafted vocal harmonies, our music retains its metal backbone and attitude for which Vitreolic is proud to fly the flag.

Randi Rose.

Growing up in a musical home outside Philadelphia my initial tendency was towards more classical, musical theatre and pop singing. I always loved singing, but for a long time didn’t have a musical direction. In 2002 I joined my first band while studying in London… and everything changed! I loved it and knew it was the start of something more. As that first band ended I joined another and had a blast gigging around London. Eventually, the second band dissolved as well and I had to figure out what was next, knowing that I needed something different, with more challenge and opportunity for expression. I then went for an audition with a heavier rock band and by the end of the session it was a done deal! It was in this band that I first met Seb.
We began building a repertoire of covers and before I knew it Seb brought in some original ideas as well. Excited at the prospect of writing original material, I agreed to have a listen, write some lyrics and work with Seb to see what we could make of it all. For me, this is when Vitreolic was born!

Seb Molino.

I started playing guitar when I was in my teens, not long after getting into rock music in general. After a couple of years practice I joined my first band, which lasted quite a while. Our sound was pretty raw but what we lacked in refinement we made up for with sheer volume! We were young, crazy and had a lot of fun!
This experience fuelled the fire for me and after it I started to become more serious about music. I went on to play in numerous bands including some that started to get some recognition on the pub club circuit and some radio airplay… and all the time I was pushing to improve as a player and songwriter. I met many interesting musicians and people through my travels and it never ceases to amaze me how big a part random chance plays in all this band stuff.
Spin on to 2004. I was playing in a band that I had been instrumental in putting together, and at the time we were looking for a singer. Randi answered the ad, came along for an audition and within
minutes the job was hers! The rest is history as the saying goes.

Paul McPhail

The newest addition to Vitreolic. Bio to follow shortly...