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A band that plays with emotion and sincerity, that values ??the lyrics, melodies and harmonies of their songs. Our mission is to make songs that are part of people's lives



They are a rock quartet from Minas Gerais, Brazil, that base their sound on emotion, poetic transparency and freedom of making songs that are part of people's lives. Their three albums are in verse and musicality, the sense of the human motion and evolution.

Their sound is grounded in rock at its most classical form: guitars, bass, drums and organ. The Brazilian influences are felt in the delicate and whistled melodies, harmonies and the poetry of the lyrics.

A decade of work and hundreds of concerts in their history, the band “Vitrolas” allowed themselves to focus exclusively on emotion in their performances. Living together since their childhood, it is felt in the spontaneity of the concerts, interviews and texts, thus forming a solid foundation. Having three vocalists in front of the stage, the interactivity with the public is seen as one of the highlights of the band.

Liberty, the new album was conceived as a beginning, middle and end story. Tense, honest and in full bloom, the album really ends an eternity to get to another one.


2001 - Vitrolas
2005 - Somos um só
2011 - Liberdade