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"Vitrolas band send ambitious triple album"

The online launch of Freedom, the band's triple album phonograph was strategically planned so that nothing failed. After all, the very content of the three discs, each with five compositions, has everything to do with the trajectory of Bernardo Dias (guitar, guitar and vocals), Fernando Persiano (bass, vocals), Paulinho Rodriguez (piano and vocals), Leonardo Felizardo (drums) and Loro Felizardo (guitar), friends of school building and Governador Valadares who once exchanged inside the great city to invest in career.

Starting today, every two days, the musicians will release a track on the album Freedom site, followed by review in blog chronicling the saga of man in search of achievement. "It is a story of overcoming," says Bernardo Dias, assuming the autobiographical portion of the album, which tells the story of a character in three stages. "The survey of life issues to overcome, through the desired freedom," says Bernard.

Adept stories of classic rock, inspired by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, the band slowly began to incorporate other rhythms to their work. The idea is to attach the sound of rock with whistled melodies of Brazilian music. Sung in Portuguese, and with a logical sequence, the songs of Freedom also work well individually. "Therefore, the disk must be heard, seen and felt in every one of his tracks, as it brings the story of us all," recommends Bernardo Dias, prompting the hearing record.

According to the musician, the Internet has always been present in the band's career, albeit very tentatively. "Besides our website, and attend social networks," he says, stressing that now was very careful planning. The visual programming project is signed by the artist Loro Felizardo. "It was all planned and executed in harmony with ourselves," adds Bernard.

"The Internet is a tool that just depends on our work", explains Bernard, adding that REE is what connects the public and the band. A video specially recorded for the album's release will also be posted on site, Facebook, Twitter and Toquenobrasil mainly. Weekly, will also be produced material for the blog. The next step is to promote the album in traditional media. The first show, of course, will be in Valadares, 29 days, at the Teatro Atia. In Belo Horizonte, is scheduled for Oct. 5 at Klauss Vianna Theatre. - Minas Mail


Vitrolas ( 2001 )
Somos um só ( 2006 )
Liberdade ( 2011 )



They are a rock quartet from Minas Gerais, Brazil, that base their sound on emotion, poetic transparency and freedom of making songs that are part of people's lives. Their three albums are in verse and musicality, the sense of the human motion and evolution.

Their sound is grounded in rock at its most classical form: guitars, bass, drums and organ. The Brazilian influences are felt in the delicate and whistled melodies, harmonies and the poetry of the lyrics.

A decade of work and hundreds of concerts in their history, the band “Vitrolas” allowed themselves to focus exclusively on emotion in their performances. Living together since their childhood, it is felt in the spontaneity of the concerts, interviews and texts, thus forming a solid foundation. Having three vocalists in front of the stage, the interactivity with the public is seen as one of the highlights of the band.

Liberty, the new album was conceived as a beginning, middle and end story. Tense, honest and in full bloom, the album really ends an eternity to get to another one.