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When I wander

Written By: Vitruvian

When I wonder I wander around town
I drive these streets; these college kids don’t hear this sound
is it failing, is this frequency alive?

I don’t question I lie awake thinking about the regrets I have made
another day to question for this hopeful saint

Yeah we can dance feel the warm light touch your face
I’ll feel the rhythm let the music take us away
And maybe someday, this town will make up my mind

I heard a crash. It explodes. I don’t feel safe
thinking about the families that our bombs break
another day to question. Where is the love we take?

We will never, never be the same
from these blood filled fault lines, to the new Arizona highways we say

We will never, never be born again
It’s in the bloodlines, another year we’re restless

You can’t control the past with a mask you wear.
No hero wears a mask.