Viva Charlene

Viva Charlene

 White Plains, New York, USA

I'm a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. I love to perform the blues, although I do play classical and R&B. My primary music, though, is the Blues


I was influenced by Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, and many of the Blues and Rythem & Blues Artists. I listened a lot to Johnny Ace, The Ink Spots, Big Mama Thornton, Big Mabelle, Fats Waller, Earl Gardner and many of the old Gospel stars like Ethel Waters, Mahalia Jackson, The three blind boys and of course, I sang myself in a Gospel Choir.

Having been raised in the South Bronx, I was influenced a great deal by Afro-Cuban Music, Latin and Jazz. I studied dance under Kaatherine Dunham and learned the Ballet, Tap, African, Acrobatics and Jazz.

I studied the piano and had formal training from the age of three.


My music is selling on-line and is being played on the inter-net radio. Some of the songs are: "I Need To Tell You" "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"
"If You Don't Like My Peaches Baby" "On-Line Blues" "Forever Love"
"Gypsy Rhondo" "Turkish March" "I've Got Peace Like The River"

On You Tube I can be seen performing in Central Park:
"Booty Call", "Money Problems"

I also have meditation music: "Guided Meditation with the Angels"
"Live from the Sacred Light Fellowship - Healing Meditation and Song"

I sing from the heart and the songs I write are of my life's experience!