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"The Path Begins Here"

Vivacity - The Path Begins Here EP
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: November 2, 2008

There is no getting around that the female fronted rock band of Vivacity have the brazen chops of Damone and the spirited rock of Paramore. Though all three bands are unique in and of themselves, a bill with all three of them on it would keep audiences enthralled from top to bottom. That’s what I discovered when I played Vivacity’s latest 3-track EP, The Path Begins Here following the music of pop punk’s Damone and Paramore. It is a lineup that is comparable to the Yankees, Derek Jeter, Alexander Rodriguez, and Andy Pettitte, each coming up to the plate one after the other to bat. Like these ball players, all three bands are equal in strength and performance and should be on the same team.

Vivacity’s lead singer, Maria Battinelli wraps the melodies around her vocals with proficient ease and lead guitarist/backup vocalist Garrett Hickey ignites the pyrotechnics like a pro. The stomping drum digs of Gary Fanali crackle soundly through the recording, and the firm thuds in the bass pulls from Stephen Lorusso beef up the rhythm section really nice. Produced by Travis Bell, The Path Begins Here EP puts the band’s best effort forward, and other than having a ballad on the disc, Vivacity hit every corner of power rock’s Diaspora. Recorded at Adorea Studios in Connecticut, the EP shows excellent production quality. The drum strikes in “Delightful Distraction” feel like they are in 3-D coming right at you, and Hickey’s background vocals on “Insomnia” create a romantic shroud waving gently behind Battinelli’s vocals without blocking the penetration in her volume.

Battinelli puts an extra pounce in the lyrics by flexing the muscles in her mouth and shaping the emotional content of the words by varying the resonance of the notes. Some words are held in long sweeps, others are made into ripples of oval-sized rings or puffing spurts, and still others graze across the music scales sleekly modulating the keys inside the same breath. The command that Battinelli shows over her vocals is tremendous and laudable for a man or woman, and the band’s penchant for lyrics that have emotional content gives her the impetus to sink her voice into the words. The song “Close That Door” could be the basis for a scene on the CW’s TV show “Gossip Girl” when Battinelli busts out, “Where did you go last night / Cause everything you’ve been waiting for crashed down / And I’ve been alone all this time / And I can’t take this anymore.”

Vivacity shine bright on their EP, The Path Begins Here. Though it is only 3-tracks long, you’ll get a good idea about this band’s capabilities and power rock digs. With all of the members ranging in ages from 17 to 19 years old, this band of friends from Stamford, Connecticut are just enjoying the thrill they get from making meaningful songs.

Author's Rating
Vocals 9.5
Musicianship 8.75
Lyrics 8
Production 9
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 8.75
Reviewer Tilt 9.5
Final Verdict: 89% - Susan Frances


Demo (2007)
Vivacity EP (March 2008) Available on iTunes
The Path Begins Here (October 2008) Available on iTunes November 2008



VIVACITY, formed in 2006 by Maria Battinelli, Gary Fanali, Garrett Hickey and Stephen Lorusso, started out composing a new and unique catchy rock sound. The four members flooded the local rock scene during 2007, playing shows all over the CT area. In late 2007, Vivacity entered the studio and recorded their first self-titled EP, released to iTunes in March of 2008. The success of this EP overflowed into the booking of new venues to play along with some national acts. As a result, their national fan base has increased immensely. Not only have they reached the ears of many young teens, the band's unique sound has brought them to be enjoyed by all ages.