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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Viva Malpache! would..."

"Viva Malpache! would work any clam bake, mosh pit or car race into a jumping-bean frenzy...a cage match of styles that will rattle your speakers with Mexican pride and Californiafied energy" - Ron Hart - CMJ

"A promising debut..."

"A promising debut offering a no holds bared, Rolling Stones-inspired garage rock" - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"It is unforgiving..."

"It is unforgiving to miss out on the opportunity to be face to face with this explosion...(Viva Malpache!) achieve a musical combination that is exciting and entertaining. Like their influences, their music reaches beyond our imagination" - AL BORDE MAGAZINE

"This band is everything..."

"This band is everything. They rock, they croon, they scream and shout, they make you want to run around in little bitty circles and pull your hair out just for the hell of it, they even disco. And they can play together, which puts them well at the forefront of most of the bands out there. Highly, highly recommended." - Holly Day - SORTED MAGAZINE

"drunken ska..."

"drunken ska Chicano punk snarl" - Ed Morales - VILLAGE VOICE

"outstanding players..."

"outstanding players touch on plethora of classic blues-rock styles with an underlining Latino influence and consistently soulful vocals. Whatever they're saying, it sounds like they mean it." - HECKLER MAGAZINE

"like the great..."

"like the great Maldita Vecindad, Viva Malpache! are not afraid to take risks, the results being challenging, yet highly listenable material. Most of all, a good deal of fun and enjoyment may be had by all, even if you can't quite understand what the Spanish lyrics are all about. Viva Malpache! is one band to get excited about" - HIGHWIRE DAZE MAGAZINE

"Have you ever..."

"Have you ever-danced rancheras in a mosh pit? Or danced salsa while jumping in the air. It sounds like mission impossible, but a mission impossible in the music world is like a game of marbles to these guys. The mission of Viva Malpache is to rock...Today, people don't just say Viva Malpache! They scream it." - Lucia Rayos X Torres - MUNDOROCKERO.COM

"This cool as..."

"This cool-as-fuck band has been around for the good part of 5 years, and if you haven¶t seen them live yet, you're missing one of the best shows in the history of L.A.s local scene. Viva Malpache are destined for stardom, In both English and Spanish." - Daniel Duardo - DIGITALPIMPS.NET

"Viva Malpache is..."

"Viva Malpache! is without a doubt the most active and recognized band from the L.A. Rock en Español scene. They bring a fresh new sound, without pretentiousness" - MUSICAONLINE.COM


Albums -
Los Greatest Hits De Viva Malpache (1998)
La Venganza De Rock N' Roll (September 2004)

Singles - Hey Santera! (Los Greatest Hits)
Pan Con Mayonesa (Los Greatest Hits)
Anybody's Anything (La Venganza)

Radio - Featured on LA radio
Superestrella (107.1)
KPFK Pacifica (90.7)
Indie 103 (103.1)

Television - LATV Live

Movies - Songs featured in independent films
"Azul Atomico"(theme song) and
"See Jane Run".

Streaming - Songs on our website
Other - Any flea market in Mexico


Feeling a bit camera shy


¡VIVA MALPACHE! emerged from Los Angeles five years ago to become one of the strongest Rock En Español bands on the scene today. The band is formed by six, rice and bean eatin' musicians from L.A, Chicago, New York, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Stealing their name from the bad guy "General Mapache" (played by El Indio Fernandez) in Sam Peckinpah's western "The Wild Bunch". The fellas spelled the General's name wrong (not even on purpose) and added the "Viva!" because sometimes you just have to be loud. Led by the voice, sweat and swagger of Giovanny "Papi Chulo" Blanco (Spigga, Liquid Circus), Viva Malpache! sets itself apart from el paquete with the funky-raga-rock sensibilities of guitarist Darren "El Lolko" Lolk (Smokin' Suckaz Wit Logic, Joker Five Speed), the groovy, horchata-like fluidity of bassist Joe "PincheJoe" Garcia (The Maids) and the hardest rockin' Mexican drummer in the U.S. - Esteban "Stevie" Ramirez. South Central L.A. completes the Malpacheness with the vibrant keys of Arturo Hernandez (La Nacion) and the rhythmic flavor of Jesse "Jessdog" Gutierrez (Curanderos). Viva Malpache's unique sound blends traditional Latin music (corrido, cumbia, ranchera, merengue, tango, etc.) with different rock styles (punk, ska, funk, reggae, pop, etc.) in a joyful alliance that is as unholy as it is muy rico. Con Pique.