Viva Montesa

Viva Montesa

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Front man Ted and drummer Gary have cultivated a throwback sound, and refined it into something that’s vital and new. To know Viva Montesa is to love them. And you’re about to know Viva Montesa."


Created in late 2007, Viva Montesa is a blend of vintage and modern sounds. Guitarist Ted Schwick's vocals are both frenzied and melodic, while brother Gary provides the drums and harmony. Their early years included numerous shows in central Iowa. The band also released a 6-track EP, Smoke & Mirrors. In 2012, Viva Montesa released their first full-length album, Everyone's Got Something Good to Say.
Over the years, the brothers have sought exposure on a variety of platforms, most notably Indie Music Reviewer, The Iowa State Fair, KCWI TV, various outdoor festivals, and frequent rotation on local radio. The band is currently writing a new album while they continue booking shows in the near future. With an emphasis on strong vocals and full-bodied instrumentation, Viva Montesa hopes to bring their music to a larger audience.


Smoke & Mirrors EP (2009)
Everyone's Got Something Good To Say (2012)

Set List

We write the set 15 minutes prior to performing.