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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"VIVESECT - Six Points of Direction"

Illinois' Vivesect have a unique style of playing extreme metal, borrowing the best of both worlds: thrash and death metal and blending it very well. "Six Points of Direction" is a very personal record from a lyrical perspective but musically it's a barrage of pounding double bass thunder, heavy guitar rhythms and abrasive yet arguably understandable vocals displaying a Phil Anselmo-like aggression. Folks, this band are no Pantera rip offs as their music is more vile and twisted in ways you will have a hard time stomaching. That's right, Vivesect is brutal, don't conform to any bullshit trends, just simply piss off people and annihilate the enemy of extreme music. It's hard to compare this quartet's sound to any of today's aggro-metal bands, but fans of Hurtlocker, Demiricous and Skinlab should take notice of this band as they've plenty of fire to burn the earth alive... Written by Sarjoo Devani of Explicitly Intense
- Explicitly Intense Magazine


Vivesect - Six Points of Direction


Feeling a bit camera shy


Exploding from the barren plains of Central Illinois, Vivesect is a five piece thrash metal band that takes a no holds barred approach to creating brutal metal. Furious kick drums, shredding guitars, and violently aggressive vocals are all combined to shape Vivesect’s sonic assault on the average listener. That being said, it is also easy to hear that Vivesect spends time writing and fine tuning great metal hooks to make for an identifiable thrash metal experience. In late spring 2006, Vivesect was signed to Obscured Records, and released “Six Points of Direction” later in July. The album consists of eleven tracks that play through like a personal journey with questions of loss, faith, and the anger of acceptance. At the end of the year, Vivesect spent weeks touring Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico, where the band shot a video for the song “Condemned.” Through a new partnership with Skateboard Marketing, fans will be able to find Vivesect burning on their favorite metal radio stations nationwide, as well as catching them on MTV2, Headbanger’s Ball, and FUSE. Coming soon!