Vivian Ashton

Vivian Ashton


The "New" voice of Country music. Power, passion, emotion, and talent all rolled into one big voice. With two #1 singles to her credit, Vivian Ashton is making her name known on the Country music scene. She is definitely one to watch!


The year 2007 will be a memorable year for this talented Country Artist hailing from British Columbia, Canada. That year marked the beginning of a successful journey.

Vivian Ashton is no stranger to music. She has been performing in various venues in and around British Columbia for years and in 2007 set her sights to show the United States and other countries what she is made of. She is doing just that and the response has been

She brings to Country music a unique voice that is packed with range, power, clarity and emotion. Many have said “There isn’t anything that she can’t sing.” Most that have seen her perform are truly amazed at her God given talent.

After recording in Nashville in April of 2007, Vivian made her radio debut in May with the song “That’s What Love Looks Like” releasing on New Country Records Vol. 34.
Her first single release made its way to the #1 spot on the Indie World Country chart and made it to an impressive position on New Music Weekly chart. The single also charted on Music Row. This is a great accomplishment for a new artist!

Vivian’s second single release “Why Did I Walk Away” is receiving heavy radio play in many markets across the United States and Europe. This release gave Vivian her second #1 hit on the Indie World Country chart. The single is still climbing on both Music Row and New Music Weekly charts.

Vivian Ashton reached another milestone in her career with the release of her debut album “The Other Side Of Me”, on December 1, 2007. Packed full of great songs that cover every emotion a person can feel, this one really shows the diversity in Vivian’s talents and voice. The album is already getting great reviews and with that comes an increased need to step everything up a notch.
As one reviewer quoted, “If Nashville opens the door just a little bit, Vivian you’re in!” Vivian will keep pushing to open that door a little further.

From here this talented artist will continue to put her heart and soul into her music and continue to climb that ladder to success!

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Vivian Ashton Albums:

"The Other Side Of Me" released in December 2007.

Single Releases:

"Make Her Money" (Due To Release 3/08)
"Why Did I Walk Away" (Current Release)
"That's What Love Looks Like" (2007)

The single "Why Did I Walk Away" is currently receiving radio airplay in the US and overseas.
Several internet stations are also streaming the current single.