Vivian Nicole

Vivian Nicole


I am a blast from the past...with a new flavour. Thats the best way I can describe myself. My music incorporates catchy 60s inpired melodies. As well as heavier rock influences with a sexy sultry powerful voice. I am a new aged Pat Benatar, with a pinch of Nancy Sinatra Class.


I am a classic hollywood story. My experiences reflect my journey and where I am today. I have been singing since the age of 10. I trained with Canada's top vocal coaches. One of them being Elaine Overholt (Chicago the movie, and Hairspray the movie vocal coach) Before meeting Elaine. I was a finalist and overall award recipient in the Fashion Rock competition headed by the founder of the Backstreet Boys, and Nsync. I received a Scholarship to Broadway Dance Center in New York and Agency Representation in the United States. I relocated to LA where I danced in numerous music videos, one of which was for the group"MY Chemical Romance" . Mr John Daly, an Oscar winning producer (The Terminator, The Last Emperor, and Platoon) helped me obtain a visa after witnessing my success in Florida. After my experiences in LA, I decided to return to Toronto where my career took me to my real passion "to record and sing my own songs". I was fortunate to meet a team of incredible talent: Les Kotzer a well known wills lawyer/songwriter happend to bump in to my mother in a local restaurant. They began talking and Les mentioned that he is a proffessional song writer who just recently had Alan Frew the 5 time Juno award winner and Grammy nominated former singer of a the famous group "Glass Tiger" record one of his songs "These Are Our Heros". The song played all over the radio and also won a gold medal at the Houston Film Festival. After hearing my resume, and the accomplishments I had achieved he was interested in hearing me sing. After our first meeting Les knew that I had to meet two of Canada's top two composers. Lewis Manne and Wendy Watson. both Les's partners. They had written over 800 songs many of them award winning, for television (Degrassi) and documentaries. Lewis Manne and Wendy Watson were also very impressed with my singing ability and took it a step further and introduced me to their producer. Greg Kavanagh. Greg's career spans a total of over 30 years in the Canadian and American music business. With 11 Juno nominations and 2 Juno wins under his belt.Under his production, I am currently completing my album of 60s inspired melodies with today's twist. I am also incorporating a lot of Rock inspired tunes, as well as heartfelt balads that can really touch ones heart. My goal is to reach the public with songs that every age can listen to and enjoy. I would like to bring back the love from the 60s. It was a fantastic time in music...and sometimes I feel we have gotten a bit lost in this time. I am a true performer. With a love for the stage, and more so... a love for the my audience.

Set List

60s Girl
Life In Drive
You made a Difference
Hit Me With Your Best Shot ( Pat Benatar)
Fire (Pointer Sisters)