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Port Orchard, Washington, United States | INDIE

Port Orchard, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sigma Pi Fraternity Hosts Concert"

Sigma Pi opened their new house in style with a Seattle-native Vividal concert and barbeque on California Street.

Hosted by the Sigma Pi fraternity and DJ Goldfinger from Stubblefields Bar and Grill, the event included a performance by Vividal, a beer garden from Paradise Creek Brewery, barbeque from Stubblefield’s, free Monster Energy drinks and free t-shirts from Munchy’z.

Jordan Johnson, a Sigma Pi fraternity member and the event coordinator, said the idea to bring Vividal from Seattle to Pullman for the show came during this last summer when he talked with one of his best friends, a band member. He said they really wanted to go all out for the show.

“We were joking around about eight months ago, and I said you should definitely come out to Pullman and play here,” Johnson said. “It was kind of an idea thrown out there, but I talked to a few of the executives at the house, and they gave the green light to get started. It progressed from there.”

Kevin Dailly, a Vividal band member, said the event is good exposure for Vividal because they are relatively new. He said their sound is mostly compared to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Sublime.

“This is the first actual band I’ve been in,” Dailly said. “We want to be playing at colleges all over the place. I have a ton of friends at Wazzu, and it is definitely my favorite city.”

Dailly said he thought they would play at just a house party, but to the contrary, the way the event was planned really impressed him. He said they came to play music for the masses.

“I think they are a great bunch of guys, really on the ball and very helpful with keeping me in the know,” Dailly said. “I want to give a big shout out to Sigma Pi because they’ve put a lot of hard work into this thing for us.”

Sophomore communication and Spanish major Jordan Wyrick said she really enjoyed Vividal because they are upbeat, but chill at the same time. She said it is good hanging out music and just feels good.

Junior biology major Michael Crowley said Vividal has a very diverse sound and he had an awesome time listening to them.

“They are growing very fast, and they’re extremely talented,” Crowley said. “I wish there was a bigger turnout because they deserve more.”

Powered by crisp bass, the band played a mix of crowd pumping, high-energy songs and slower, smoother songs.

Senior marketing major Sam Galbraith said this is a huge step for the Sigma Pi fraternity. He said DJ Goldfinger knows how to entertain a crowd and they expect to have a good time.

“I’ve always liked day concerts and the music they play because it’s more of a relaxing vibe more than raging,” Galbraith said. “This concert is introducing us to Greek row. We’re here and giving a free concert, so enjoy.”

Scott Mackey, the creative director for Paradise Creek Brewery, said the brewery provided three of their lighter beers for the beer garden in hopes to have a new demographic appreciate the local product. He said he likes the way Sigma Pi is working to develop the image of their fraternity through a more safe environment.

“They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure security is tight,” Mackey said. “College should be more social recreation and recreational drinking rather than getting slammed. I applaud that big step.” - The Daily Evergreen


-Live @ Joonior's EP

Currently recording first full length.



In early 2011, Vividal hit the ground running. They played 2 local gigs and BAM, their 3rd show was in downtown Seattle at the Showbox Market. Every member draws heavy influence from various genres, hence their diverse sound. You can catch the crowd bumpin’ and grindin’ for one song, and then moshing during the next. What you get is a fusion of ALL styles…Rock, funk, R&B, you name it. Jordan Neal (who is only 19 years old) plays lead guitar with intricate riffs, sexy chords, and mind boggling guitar solos. On the lead vocals is P.J. Guerrero who comes at you with an unparalleled style and knows how to get words/melodies stuck in your head. Mark Serna is on the bass, but can play any instrument you place in front of him. Laying down backup vocals is just another one of his specialties. Kevin Dailly is on the drums and sings as well…keeping it in the pocket and swaps lead vocals with P.J. Through their year and a half as a band, they have already achieved success in playing well known venues around the state of Washington (Showbox Market, Nuemo’s, Wild Buffalo, Louie G’s, etc...). Releasing a live EP, getting air time on college radio, on-air interviews, etc. They are currently in the studio working on their first full length. “We want to make music that people from all walks of life can get down to.”