Vivien Scotson

Vivien Scotson


Vivien Scotson is a Scottish singer songwriter who lives in Glasgow. She performs solo but from May 2007 will be performing with her band. The style of music is Folk, Country/Blues with a slight Celtic feel appearing at times.


Vivien is influenced directly by life around her. Her songs are generally positive ways at looking at things that at times are not so positive... heart ache, bereavement, family and life in general, all feature in her songs.
Vivien only grew the confidence to sing in public three years ago, but since then, has supported Charlie Pride on his UK tour, supported Sandi Thom, appeared on television and performed over 75 gigs in the year of moving to Glasgow from the Highlands, where she lived for 6 years.
Vivien was born and brought up in a village called Carmunnock, on the outskirts of Glasgow, and then moved up north when she was 18 with her mother and some of her sisters after the split of her parents.
Vivien decided that for the sake of her career, she should pack up her car, once again, and head for the Glasgow city lights and venues to further her career. It was obviously the correct decision to make.


There is also a four track band demo CD available on request for festivals, promoters and Radio DJ's etc.

Vivien also sells her own solo album at gigs. Only available at her gigs.

Set List

Up to 45 min sets available.

In the style of mainly mellow Folk. Solo, Vivien sings and plays her acoustic guitar to accompany herself.
With the band, there will be more up tempo tracks within the set.

Set list of around 8 - 10 songs.

If there are any cover songs in the set, it will either be a Burns song or an old Country song.

A relaxed tempo in general.