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Enlighten Me

Written By: Richard Murray

The Queen of Iquitos waters her Devils Tongue
And reminds me that anything too stupid to be said is sung
It was named after you y’know she said the things that you do and you say
And you can’t come round playing like that when you’ve thrown me away

Now Maria from Cocaine Street believes she can fly like a bird
With her hand on her hip and sweat on her lip she invites me into her world
But the streets in the long run and the 0s and the 1s are more searing than ever before
When you return in the morning from Gods golden shore

Old Shakey was right you know Maria’s like the setting sun
Pink red and orange over the banks of the Rio Maranon
Where my Sovannah and I were screaming lines heard a thousand times
She says I’m frustrated and cynical and hard inside

‘Cos I’ve followed in footsteps where I thought I’d laid trails of my own
Seen a thousand Volkswagon vans just like mine parked through the streets of Rome
And the afflicted leave the infirmary in search of their own faith cure
Where the longhaired kids hunt in packs praying on the obscure

Well it’s long then it’s short to be different is always the same
Any spark in your mind will be chewed up and spat out again
Oh can Max and Theodore come and enlighten me please
For these neon lit idols have brought me to my knees

And I’ve travelled around and I’ve settled down where the rivers collide
But the grass always seems so much greener on the banks of the other side
And the sun burns my skin here but something inside makes me stay
Oh stay to recover the heart of the one thrown away
© 2008 Richard Murray

Down in this Town

Written By: Richard Murray

There’s a cold hard rain
Comin’ across the plain
Headin’ this way
But it can’t wash away
The sins you’ll find today
Down in this town
There’s ferry boats on the horizon
Sailin’ away across the blue sound

Nothing changes but the seasons
And I can’t find no reasons
To stay down in this town

You’ll find a ragged union flag
You’ll find trouble down the drag
If you dare to go there
Where life’s like a free fare
On a train goin’ nowhere
Down in this town
There’s bright lights on the highway
But to these streets I am bound

There’s a river headin’ south
You can ride it to the mouth
Of where it flows
Where deadwood burns on the beach
And somewhere just out of reach
A soft and wailin’ harp blows
But I can’t fight anymore
My spirit’s lost the war
Down in this town
Down in this town
The people train pullin’ out
But there’s no space to be found
© 2008 Richard Murray

Burning Silver

Written By: Richard Murray

Steve Reece was a helpless man
Makin’ money any way that he can
Midnight down at the Blue Note
Sugar and honey poured from his throat
Well he made a deal down on The Immigrants
Just like he always used to do
Black clouds covered the sky
Rain poured down the avenue

Burning silver burning gold

Well the ribbons flash and the thunder crashes
Outside the 7 back to the Valley of Ashes
Where his dreams got lost in a flood
And a devil got way down in his blood
Now somewhere out across the river
A bill’s got no band
And somewhere out in South Corona
The queen has lost a man

Burning silver
The needle and the spoon
Burning gold
Indian summer afternoon
Burning silver
Across the palm of the jugglers hand
Burning gold
Promise lost in the promised land

The sun rises from the pits of Hell
Over a cloud of smoke where the mighty twins fell
Steve Reece in a room sitting on his bed
With a beam of light through the window
Like a corkscrew to his head
Somewhere a mother waits for a call
Brothers and sisters know nothing at all
Toys in the attic car in the drive
Names scratched on the trees outside

Valley of the Unforgiven

Written By: Richard Murray

Its time again to lie in the mercy of the night
My trial lies in wait in the blinding light
In the land that harbours the heathen souls
Pushers of the hunger, the flame, the bullet hole

Come find me out in the desert wind
Marked as Cain for my venial sin
Follow vultures vile to my paling bones
Ride the Cannonball on time Casey Jones

Why did you go and leave me lonely
Why did you go and leave me here
These passages of alleys creeks and narrowlands
In the Valley of the Unforgiven

Lit a match threw it down at our last chance Texaco
Poured fourth my kerosene across the great Los Indios
Took the backroads south to the long decline
Was abandoned on the wayside by the borderline

And why did you go
And leave me lonely
Why did you go
My one and only

Now the law cant touch me but po po’s on his horse
Theyre roundin up everyone all the way across
The straight and the narrow the crooked and the deep
For retribution of the guilty taken from their sleep

So come find me out in the desert wind
Open up again and let me in
If I pushed my wounded heart with nimble tongue
Id no longer be the unforgiven
© 2008 Richard Murray

The Wind and Rain

Written By: Richard Murray

If you sail the Caledonian Ocean
You may get caught in the wind and rain
But with a little time and devotion
You’ll find your way back home again

Feel like the walls are closing in
Feel like the belly of the beast
Still on the corner with the nowhere men
You chase the rising tide

Cant you see the window for your words
Cant you hear the call within the call
Just grab your suitcase and your Hummingbird
Take the slow boat to Carolina

Tell it as the crow flies young balladeer
Spit out the dust with the diesel
Shot like an arrow through the atmosphere
All the way from Belfast to Boston

Take the time to question and to understand
Just where you’re gonna be tomorrow
And don’t stray too far from the motherland
You’ll wanna be there when she calls you

So pay the snake to fork your tongue
Take his smoke into your lung
You know these things don’t come easy
But when they come to classify you
Cut him loose and pacify
Lease the devil for the deep blue sea
© 2008 Richard Murray

I Drove Across the City

Written By: Richard Murray

Well the lights are fading fast now
Wheels rollin 30 years
Are you ready for the country
City limits dissappear

There was a hitcher on the highway
Left my dust in her eyes
Watched the last one fade away
Gone with the falling tide

Well I drove across the city
A long way from home
I drove across the city
And it rocked me to the bone

I asked the man by the roadside
Tell me how do I get ahead
He said we're all just a work in progress boy
You just gotta keep from bein dead


Now the shot keeps gettin longer
As we get longer in the tooth
But I swear I found my rapture
In the waning hours of youth

I drove across the city
Out on the bleedin edge
I drove across the city
And through the golden age


Copyright. 2008. Richard Murray

Blueberry Wine

Written By: Richard Murray

Well it feels like a hundred years or more
The hands of time sure have been movin’ slow
We may have met in the sun or the April rain
But there’s one thing I know for sure

There was blueberry wine that summer
And blueberry wine that spring
I know I loved you then
But I can’t remember anything

Now it might have been some way that you looked at me
A sound you’d make or something you would say
The hazy nights make all things seem a little sweeter
I’ve always been a little foolish that way

Now I wish I could sing ‘her eyes are blue’
Or spin some words to illustrate you
But the bottle ran dry and the leaves fell to the ground
And I hope you’re out there doin’ good
I’m just rollin’ on like some driftwood
‘Till the river runs dry I’ll remain onward bound

Now I couldn’t say when you wrote this letter I’ve been savin’
It’s just signed ‘always, your blueberry girl’
And I don’t even know where you’re livin’
But I guess I wouldn’t fit now in your world
© 2008 Richard Murray

I'll Never Learn

Written By: Richard Murray

I took a walk across the tracks today
The scars have healed it’s a new dawn a new day
And I may be cursed for life
But I wont go down without a fight

Now once again Im caught in the undertow
Hit the bawdyhouse for the same old Cuban ho
But she make me feel like Im comin home
And she make me feel like Im all alone

Ooh whee Ill never learn
Ooh whee Ill never learn

Ive been kicked when Im down time after time
Ive been kicked out of town and went on the lam
Now the paths getting narrow winds movin in
It rattles the bolts on my wagon of sin

Ooh whee Ill never learn
Ooh whee Ill never learn
I appreciate the warnings and concern
But ooh whee Ill never learn

Id like to leave the apple on the tree
And find some work for these idle hands to do
Now God willin and the Creek don’t rise
Ill make it out and Ill make it through

I bought into a game by the harbour bay
Where the city moves in a neon shadow play
But its a highly strung and a tangled web I weave
With blood on my shirt and aces up my sleeve.
© 2008 Richard Murray

Wandering Infidel

Written By: Richard Murray

The sky is white and the rocks are grey
It’s the same thing everyday
Waitin on a glow to take my mind away
And to dance around my skin

For a while I’d been in trouble
And for a while I’ve been alone
I’d build a highway right through the stratosphere
If I thought it could take me home

So follow, follow me down
The streets I grew up on
See the dogs bark in the street
Hear the leaves beneath your feet
Experience in the purest form

Yeah but you can never feel the way I do
Now my childhood days are through
There’s no church I can turn to
I’m just a wandering Infidel
Wandering Infidel

Now there’s snow down at my feet
And there’s no one to save me
Left the crossroads with my soul intact
And a cold wind at my back

‘Cos when you live a life of no affiliation
To the fire or to the sky
You don’t wait for any salvation
You make it through heart and mind
Heart and mind
Heart and mind

Now you can’t forgive what I’ve done
And the time for redemption has come and gone
But there’ll be a place out in the sun
Where my senses will come undone

So pick up the pieces of my bed
The campfire will soon be dead
Pass the ashes around one more time
You can keep whatever’s mine

A new skyline lies just up ahead
There’s a vista out to the west
I may drink the wine and taste the bread
But you’ll remember a wandering infidel
© 2008 Richard Murray

DTs Roadhouse Shake

Written By: Richard Murray

You’ve been fightin’ this addiction baby
Sweatin’ through your yellow shirt
Your mind is gonna bend
Your bones are gonna hurt
It’s got you down and roadhouse bound
The backroom boys wanna watch you drown
But hey
You’ve gotta do the DTs shake

Why you gotta use me
Why do you have to pretend
Pretty words in a line I can’t comprehend
The wolves are beatin’ at my back door
You just keep takin’ more and more
But hey
You’re gonna do the DTs shake

Mama you know I ain’t a millionaire
I got coffee for my lunch and my subway fare
While you’re ridin’ the red-eye to shadowland
Your brain’s in the clouds and your head’s in the sand

But listen to me talkin’ honey
Don’t you jump and shout
I’ve been down to Chinatown
I know what I’m talkin’ about
Now in your youth you’re gettin’ old
Stick between the hedges stay on the road
And hey

You’re gonna do the DTs shake
Yeah you’re gonna do the DTs shake
Yeah the DTs shake
© 2008 Richard Murray