Dynamic, heavy, power funk rock with haunting melodies and lyrical accounts of life, love, sacrifice and triumph of the human spirit.


Vizuddha hailed the world in August of 2008 with their debut album, Repair. Comprised of four life long rockers, Vizuddha has taken Hard Rock to the next level and added just a touch of Metal, progressing the genre to Heavy Rock. Singer Ryan Haag, lends a haunting overtone to the powerful music. Guitarist, Stephen Wandzek, blends chunky distortion and funky rhythms perfectly with the thundering low tones and slap styles of Bassist, Trent Shaoul. Todd Shomler lays the fountation with strict, textured percussion. Vizuddha's intelligent songwriting completes their hypnotic sound and leaves the listener wanting more.

A typical Vizuddha performance has the crowd packed to the front of the stage, captivated and pleasantly surprised to see a new band that isn't just making noise.


Dreams on a Shelf

Written By: Ryan Haag

The winds blow a chill deep into my soul
this change it will refuse to yield yet I try
to keep despair from taking me over
but it haunts me still, till I cry and

Try not to think, try not to feel, try not to lose track of what we know is real

Something is missing where did we go wrong, where

We descend into darkness to face fear
and its all we can do just to not let go
while we reach for the sky life speeds by tell me why
should we put all our dreams on a shelf, on a shelf, oh no

The rivers will run dry and bridges will burn
routine has become a comfort I can't bear
our plans they've gone awry, still we cry and


Written By: Ryan Haag


This time is the last time we say, don't wanna waste, don't wanna throw it all away
when luxury has a price the poor must pay, and we need it
How many more will we condemn to die, to sustain this dream that is a lie
we have stolen and destroyed yet we let it slide, cause we need it

No we don't need it

Can we repair all the damage we've done, yet again and again and again
see the tears in their eyes, from the pain that can't be ignored anymore

We've been trained to look the other way, when we need it
Looking back at our track record makes me cry, all the lives we have ruined so a few could thrive
We'd better change or the chance will pass us by, cause we need it

Know we will need it

Can't ignore anymore, don't ignore

Never Stop

Written By: Ryan Haag

I've been to the edge where I slipped and I struggled grasping for sanity I lost my humanity
to what I started must see it through but now I doubt if I'm brave enough too
Face the laughter from the pain of failure looming close behind
I'll soon know if I can walk through the fire without being burned, being burned
from what I started must see it through but now I doubt if I'm brave enough to
walk the path though I know the way, why can't I see

The pain I may cause to many others
If I even wait for another minute
This could be the answer to (all my) (many) problems
if I stay the course don't stop trying
even risk death and dying
can't stop, won't stop, never stop

Now my vision clears and I see

no matter how hard the truth may be
to believe is to live free from this
existence in chains

But I cannot seem to find and single shred of hope now
but I will not stop trying
with all I've done I know its time to see (a) (this) new horizon
and I will not stop trying

No matter how hard the road may be, can't stop, won't stop, never stop
No matter how long the path may become, can't stop, won't stop, never stop

Vicious Cycle

Written By: Ryan Haag

Wait a minute, something isn't right here, Oh no this can't be, not again, not again, I think I've been here before

Have I come this far only to fail
I won't believe that is true but so familiar this is
I close my eyes to hide the truth from view
betrayed myself to agony when this fucking circle started with me

Feel me bleeding for so long now I struggle hopelessly to stand
my pace slowed to a crawl my strides have stretched but each step I must take has grown
If this is a dream please let me wake now
I don't want to sleep oh god I can't sleep anymore
release me please

Endless winter is upon me for I have seen the fate I am doomed to repeat
with every life I have lived I have been damned to this cycle
to love and lose again and again, pain and torment my reward for sacrifice
I have accepted this fate time after time, even though I never understand why


Dreams Demo - 2007
Repair - 2008

Set List

SET 1 - 50min

Dreams on a Shelf
No Picnic
A Song
Defying Odds
The Promise
Never Stop
Vicious Cycle