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Vizunari - Child of God


"Vizunari is from Connecticut and he delivers a bangin' east coast representative of rap music, you could say it's commercial orientated but that line of demarcation from what is sell out commercial (i.e. Vanilla Ice back in the day compared with the likes of Ice Cube) & hardcore keeping it real has faded away now. The beats are live & fresh & he can give most mainstream rappers a goooooodddd run for their record label money !!! There are also plenty of party licks here for all you dj's that like to keep the crowd moving. He unleashes some killa tracks that are most relevant to people who surf the net and issues within the sex & illegal drug industry like "Click of a button" which takes you through a story about a Christian guy who is on the computer & receives an email from a stripper, one thing leads to another & he eventually meets her but he gets set up & robbed by masked gunmen b4 he could do the naaasssttty with her. "Tragedy" another deep track explaining the conflicts in & around the area of prostitution, the reason why men are into it & why some women are in the game. He is keeping real as we say in g-rap circles "keeping it ministry" as he states it's not really about the money. Vizunari drops a Busta Rhymes style of track called "R.A.W." which again demonstrates his lyrically ability as being second to none. He has some remixes on this CD like "Nu Generation" & "Where Your Hands At" which have an old funk type of sound but with a up to date spice to make it palatable for today folks. All together an album that you must get !! 9 outta 10."

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Loving You – Maxi CD Single 1999
Nu Generation – featured on Grapetree Records/ Heaven’s Hip-Hop 1999
B.O.U.N.C.E. – featured on CMN Records/ Calling of the Camps 1999
When I… - featured on Salem Coffee House/ Rapfest 99 Compilation 1999
*Child of God – Full length debut V.E.S.M. 2001
Together We Stand – featured on David Davis/ Reparations 2002
Give Back – featured on A Better Way/ Wandered 2002
He Comin – featured on Too Biz/ CD ROM 8:6 2003
Sons of the Earth – featured on 4 Sight Sounds/ Survival Kit Volume 1 2003
*Underground Trail – V.E.S.M. 2003
Various Titles – featured on Sean Blu/ Sean Blu is Necessary 2003
An MC You Won’t Hear On The Air – featured on Sean Blu/ The Main Event 2004
*Underground Trail Volume 2 – V.E.S.M. 2004
"Which Lifestyle Is It" - Holy Hip Hop-Taking The Gospel to the Streets Volume 2/ EMI Gospel 2004
"Yes Yall" - Unity Series/ Bus Shop Records 2005
"Yes Yall Remix" - Unity Series/ Bus Shop Records 2005
"Come One Come All Remix" - Unity Series/ Bus Shop Records 2005
*Various Titles – “Best Kept Secret 2” – Sean Blu 2005
“Fall Back” – Unity Series Vol 2/ Bus Shop Records 2006
“Hold It Down” - Unity Series Vol 2/ Bus Shop Records 2006

* Indicates full length LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Sound of a Generation

For nearly a decade, Vizunari has been on the music scene challenging a generation with awe inspiring lyrics. With several independent and international releases, he continues to emerge in different markets.  

Saturated in a hip hop culture which rides the latest trend and stumbles over half-hearted rhymes with catchy hooks, Vizunari innately carves out a path of his own forging musical bench marks to be remembered for ages to come. With a list of song content as complex as life is itself, no subject becomes taboo. From relationships to struggles to partying to good ol' fashion MC'ing, Vizunari feels comfortable with it all.

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