V.kel The Dark Shadow

V.kel The Dark Shadow

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the sun side reflecting all that is positve the moon side reflecting all that is the negative but giving it to you so you can feel it


The latest phenom on the hip-hop circuit. V.Kel is a multiple choice style rap artist with the ability to alter his personality and pitch to blend in with any given track. He discovered he possessed the knack for putting together great compositions at the tender age of 12. He first tested the waters when a comedic bully by whom he was taunted by on a daily basis confronted him. To get even he conjured up his first battle rhyme. The composition received lots of laughter and was requested to be heard throughout the neighborhood.

Reppin NYC to the fullest V.Kel holds pride as being a certified New Yorker having lived in all five boroughs. Jamaica Queens being his native town.

V.Kel dubs himself as a purgatory rapper caught between two worlds. Which is why he entitled his debut effort (Mental Eclipse) a concept by which he expresses his light and darker side. V.Kel’s goal is to create an album that's not just nice to listen to but have an appeal that expands to the masses in such a way that people will have a need to add to their collection of classics.


Mental Eclipse soon to be released
Mp3's currently available at Goldenlamprecordz.com

Set List

typically i just do two songs but if the crowd demands it i will do a third

endanged species -if it looks like th crowd is sleepin this is a head banger but it is a socially wakening piece
Lyrical hero-mid tempo
Make up sex- slow and sexy
What A Man Wants