Along the dirt road of Americana Rock 'n' Roll, there is a fork where Southern Rock and Blues split off. At that fork there stands a church - inside an angel is singing. And she's got a Black Halo.


‘V.’ hails from Philadelphia, PA, where she recorded her first release, The Key of V. Once in L.A., it became her calling card, along with the review it received:

“With Melissa Etheridge attitude and Sheryl Crow sing-along-ability, this lady has a penchant for memorable choruses and strong melody lines… ‘V’ is a breath of fresh air against our stagnant local rock scene.” Promethean Crusade Magazine

The former Monogroove frontwoman played with the band long enough for Music Connection Magazine to declare:

“Following V.’s lead, Monogroove comes out of the gates running and rarely lets up. Completely enveloping the small venue in sound, they perform with an efficient unpretentiousness that allows them to simply get up, play the hell out of their instruments, and get off... Serving as proof that a band can play aggressively and still retain sugary harmonies, this five-piece blurs the lines between modern country, pop and rock, with the emphasis on rock.”

After 2004’s Best Female Vocalist nomination for the Rock City News awards, she headed back into the studio with new material to create Black Halo. L.A.’s KLOS found it worth notice, playing several tracks on their Local Licks show, and fan favorites, My Bones, Scarlet Rain, and title track Black Halo, are ubiquitous on the
Currently, ‘V.’ is hosting and producing Poetronigirl’s ‘Acoustically Speaking’, presenting many of L.A.’s best-kept-secret songwriters, including herself, with acclaimed poet Roni Walter. The show holds a monthly residency at L.A.’s Room 5.
It goes without saying that she continues to amass material, and has begun
writing for other artists as well. She has recently placed a song on a new Canadian artist’s debut effort.
Blessed by her good fortune, ‘V.” believes strongly in giving back. She is running a promotion, ‘Christmas Angels’ , for JDRF, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, to donate a portion of all sales of Black Halo, up until Christmas, to the foundation. Previously, she worked in this way with Hearts Giving Hope, and in 2006 will be lending her support to N Rock United.


Scarlet Rain

Written By: V.K.Lynne

Scarlet Rain

Verse 1: Put away your heartache cause I ain’t ever coming home
You think I made a mistake and you won’t call me on the phone.
Changed my hair and changed my name.
And you won’t ever feel the same, oh no.

But this is real life and this is my life.

Chorus: I run through my own fire
You fan for flames in vain
You turn your eyes to a barren sky
I dance in Scarlet Rain.

Verse 2: People keep confusing obligatory stops along the way
From genius to brilliance, insanity just might come into play
And though I might drive you there
You’ll be proud you loved me some day.

Cause this is real life and this is my life



Bridge: You wanted me to stay
Hold tight to yesterday
Ignore the burning in my veins.
But I’ve got an old guitar
And this used car.


Black Halo

Written By: V.K.Lynne

Verse : She got a black halo
She’s walking on down, down.
All of the places
He comes around, round.

She says don’t you worry
I’ll find him tonight, that’s right
Cause there ain’t no place in this whole damn city that man can hide.

And she’s got a black halo
Lord it used to be white
But she ain’t the angel that she was walking out here tonight.

And it don’t mean a thing to her if you don’t understand
She don’t need a diamond on her hand
To tell her who is her man.

Verse: And she’s got a black halo
Like a dark rain cloud
But out in the ghetto
She’s walking so proud.

Cause when all those angel wings have flown back home
He’s gonna come back to find his own.
He knows someday she might not be there.
She’s got her devils to spare.

Verse: And she got a black halo
Over heaven’s smile
And a peace in her heart no demon man can ever defile.
If you’re out in the city
You might see her tonight
Just look for her halo burning bright
Burning bright, bright, bright, bright, bright.

My Bones

Written By: V.K.Lynne

Do you want to travel west with me
and become a star?
Do you want to go in debt with me- let's buy a car.
Do you want to trust your heart with me?
You know about my past.
Do you want to trust your life with me-
Give me your best?

Well, I would
If I were you,
we'll set off on our own
And I know
We'll be alright,
I can feel it in my bones

Do you want to share your life with me
You asked one day
Do you want to be a wife to me?
You knew what I would say:
Do you want to drive to Vegas now
or wait for the dawn?
Do you want to cross that desert now
Before the night is gone?


Do you want to share the truth with me
If your feeling weak?
Do you want to leave things to me
When it's hard to speak?
Do you want to wait around for me
if you're feeling old?
Do you want to stay around with me
When it's time to go?


Do you want to travel west with me
And become a star.


The Key of V
Black Halo

Set List

Sets depend on what the venue needs. Whether I play acoustic or with a full band, I usually stick to originals and a few well-chosen covers.


Black Halo
Scarlet Rain
Her End of the Phone
Other Side of My World
Are You Still Here?
My Bones
Become Again
Trading on 15
Leaving the LIfe
Drives On By
On Christmas Day
Plastic Roses
Dust Between the Dirt
Everything We Wanted
Drop 5
The Way it Goes
Heaven Knows
Lay it Down


Come to My Window
Bring me Some Water
Stop draggin' my heart around
Dog and Butterfly
L.A. Song
Thunder Road
Lifts You Up
All the Way to Heaven
Steve McQueen