Vladdy B

Vladdy B

 Port Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

My aim is to be diverse ! The music styles that I play ranges from rock to funk to jazz. I try to write interesting material and add variety to the show..likewise my focus is to entertain and get audience participation.


Diversity and Creativity thats what its all about ! a mix of pop rock and blues with some funk and jazz influence...From listening to classical music on vinyl when i was just five year old and wondering how Mozart and Bach put these amazing works together, then being enraptured by the Doors and Deep purple two years later. I embraced music from the early days. I have been on a journey ever since on the creative highway and hope the best is yet to come !


Desert of Dreams

Written By: Vladislav Badov

Light….i missed through the years
And shadows don’t hide from
Embrace all your fears

Rain…from heavens you know
a well for the tears…my shelter
from the….cold

Time ….What could it bring…if
You’re all alone in desert of dreams

Chorus: As the winter falls ..down on the fields below / where you cast the stone.. Its only a scene….

And the world it goes..upon its lonely way around..But its not what it seems

Letters to god

Written By: Vladislav Badov

You changed the colour of your halo
To something different
Im losing hope while you’re just standing there

I know that someones in control
So I believe what I’ve read or been told
Do something different
Im losing faith and you’re just standing there


In the tunnel of the light seals the words you say

for a…100 years… or....centuries…
No return….and nothing lost,..nothing gained

So we keep waiting...we keep on waiting….and to this very day I still write letters to god
I'm writing a letters to god

We’ll never know

Vaudeville days

Written By: Vladislav Badov

Ive just fallen off the stairs would you put me back again..
Ive just missed my cue in the radio daze/days

Ive been playing dominoes..Ginger Rogers,..Fred Astaire were there
such a splendid affair

Strolled into the club tonight , mr Lansky got his gun in sight..
And he smiles, you either pay or play

Missed the train to the countryside…wish that we could travel light
Back in time to the vaudeville days


Get me to the bar tonight….get me a martini please
Yes..you’re looking out of sight..its ok..its alright…lets move on

Million miles away

Written By: Vladislav Badov

Waiting for a miracle…hope it’ll be here someday

Where could you be…where could you be ..right now

Drowning in a dream I had…tell me whats the sign.

You couldn’t save me….no one could save me at all

You..always got something on your mind..maybe its true


Well how would I know.. what direction could I take, what impression would I make, you’re Million miles away a


Just another road…calling out your name…

We’ll soon be counting days and the distance

You’ve changed your style and look like your sister

Mont Saint michel in peril of the sea…..
Two islands missing from the coastline…that’s million miles away

Safety of the distance

Written By: Vladislav Badov

Break the doors (shoot the moon) bring the dawn of another day

Lost in the city until then…

And I don’t suppose you got a light…flickering like a burning paper airplane…

Hold it near like a silver plate…..cold like your heart…..and

I don’t believe you had to ask me…what am I to you…


Sailing on our own…watching the waves unfold
Trying not to drown….fate brought us closer underground

Oooh I never wanted to be…settled in the comfort of your mona lisa smile

We can never underestimate the safety of the distance

Now you understand…but there wont be any answers…from me

Its getting late for explanations….only god knows if you believe, I know you believe


Been all over this town..just to get away
Then it dawned on me that im back where I’ve started


Been playing in a couple of bands in the past.
Now working on an solo album called Fragments of Reality..


before I was playing with singer songwriter Ben Mcmaster and contributed songwriting and guitar/bass to his recordings. You can hear it on


Set List

Originals and Covers mainly..with an improvised piece or a song. An example would be...

Won't Let you down(This world)
Million miles Away
Vaudeville days
--cover song--
desert of dreams
Miss you when im gone
Safety of the distance
Sweet escape

Setlist would be 30-40 minutes long..I would normally do 2 sets.

Covers would include songs from 70s to the 90s..with some obscure to popular songs

Wild word - Cat Stevens
Interstate Love Song - STP
Child in Time - Deep Purple
To be with you - Mr Big
Purple Haze / Hey Joe/ etc - Hendrix
Layla / Crossroads / Change the world - Clapton
Savannah woman / Wild dogs - Tommy Bolin