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Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestär

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VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘n ZE SHERAF ORKESTAR – Universal Sprache (Imago) – Apparently this French Outfit have evolved out of a Zappa tribute band called The Children Of Invention. Vladimir Bozar is “just an imaginary entity of absurdity” so it would seem - all of this makes perfect sense as soon as you let their very colourful musical stew enter your life. More Mr Bungle than Zappa now, very much more actually, this gang of creative French people are clearly very influenced by all things Bungle, all things Secret Chiefs 3... They mix up bits of cartoon soundtracks, slices of metal, prog flavoured bendy punk, twisted jazz, bites of classical music, electronica, glitch, gypsy swirls, violins, bits of Danny Elfman, Faith No More, Estranasphere, Primus and all kinds of inspired vocal madness – operatic doom, cartoon noise, sinister vocal lines, clowns gone wrong, accordions, mandolins, kazoo, classical percussion.... If you like your earfood coloured the Mr Bungle way then this is very much for you – they’re not clones, just healthy influences - very healthy, very positive hectic influences. Fine musical adventures that take you all over the place, played with all kinds of expansive colour, twitching and switching and all with such rewarding quality. Very well recorded/produced, mixed by Timb Harris of Secret Chiefs 3/Estradasphere in his studio in Seattle (he also added some trumpet), this album really is the serious big league frontline real deal. Some of those vocals sound like they’re in French, that’s no problem, the music tells you all, the pictures are painted so so well, the Frenchness adds to all the good shape of it. This is an excellent album, everything flows as one big colourful all, there’s so many details, a band taking their adventurous music to some very original corners, places all of their own – nothing too hardboiled, twitching all over the place, orchestral, jittery, frantic, a roller coaster ride through a hall of mirrors, not too abrasive though, even when they turn to their brief moments of thrash ‘n growl things are flowing and easy (all over the place in a way only the very best are, all very easy in the way it all goes off and things) – this is brilliant actually, gets better and better with each play. We got ourselves a seriously good band here, a new band to put right up there alongside all those names we just dropped. Bits of Deerhoof in there as well - all healthy flavours and all taken, put in their own unique musical blender and cooked up in their very own way. Real children of invention and a highly recommended roller coaster ride of an album that will have you hanging on and grinning like a bungled maniac from start to finish. Bon merde indeed! - www.myspace.com/vladimirbozar - http://www.organart.demon.co.uk/neworgan296.htm

"Avant Music News BEst of album 2008"

AMN Best of 2008

Well, here it is, another best of list that you probably should not take too seriously. The top ten of 2008 along with a pile of runners up.

Top Ten:

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Anthony Braxton - Quartet (Moscow) 2008
Daniel Carter - Chinatown
Mary Halvorson - Dragon’s Head
William Parker Quartet - Petit Oiseau

Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar - Universal Sprache

John Zorn / Lou Reed / Laurie Anderson - The Stone: Issue Three
Steve Swell / Rivers of Sound Ensemble - News from the Mystic Auricle

The Rest:

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Byron Metcalf / Mark Seelig / Steve Roach - Nada Terma
Szilárd Mezei - As You
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Rob Price - I Really Do Not See the Signal
Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Remedy - Live at the Village Vanguard
Stray Ghost - Losthilde
The Thing - Now and Forever
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer - Cold Peace Counterpoints
Yitzhak Yedid - Oud, Bass, Piano Trio - http://www.avantmusicnews.com/2008/12/22/amn-best-of-2008/

"New music Alert"

Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar’s Universal Sprache is one of those albums that is hard to define. Vladimir Bozar started as an offshoot from a French Frank Zappa cover band, The Children of Invention. Their last gig was Vladimir Bozar’s first gig. The music on this debut CD is a great mix of the insanity that comes from artists like Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, and to some extent John Zorn.

Clearly not for the purveyor of “pop” music, this is a very imposingly hard to digest collection of great sounds that I wouldn’t necessarily call “songs.” With that being said… I love it. It jots and tittles across your mind, and right when you start getting into the groove… it slaps you upside the mouth, buzzes up your leg, claws through your pant leg and sits down like a puppy who wants to be petted, then zooms off for an espresso.
Metal, punk, classical music, jazz, movie sound, Tzigane music, electronic, and spoken word. This Ritalin-side effect gang of misfits has toured in Europe with Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3, as well as the stripped down Estradasphere Trio. Trey Spruance said of Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar that “obviously, this music is composed of lunatics hopelessly.” :)

The album, Universal Sprache, was recorded in Estradasphere’s Seattle studio with Tim Smolens recording, Tim Smolens and Jason Schimmel* mixing, and Timb Harris contributing trumpet, TIm Smolens contributing bass & vocals, and Jason Schimmel contributing mandolin.

*- Speaking of Jason Schimmel, I’m stoked for his amazing Orange Tulip Conspiracy tour coming through Eugene, Oregon, next week… November 17th @ Samurai Duck.

Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar are planning to tour Europe and (hopefully) the US in 2009. In the meantime, you can hear clips of the album on MySpace and order it from iTunes, EMusic, Rhapsody, et cetera… or physical CDs via Estradasphere’s Lobefood mail order should be coming soon (not yet, though). - Jazzsick Wordpress


LP "Universal Sprache" september 2008

Listen "Universal Sprache" on our myspace page

EP "Paté, toast 'n' Plâtre" 2007

EP "Plâtre, toast 'n' Paté" 2005



In 2003, musicians of the french tribute band to Frank Zappa called "The Children of invention" decided to create a new band playing personal compositions.
They first called the project Sheraf and then decided to develop a formation.
In the beginning, the project was instrumental but when first few tracks were written they quickly decided to take on a singer.
Pedral took the place of the dumb/mouth-noising/cartoon singer in 2004.
The group was then named Vladimir Bozar ‘N’ ze Sheraf Orkestar.
Vladimir Bozar were playing their first gig when the Children of Invention were playing the last.

Vladimir Bozar is just an imaginary entity of absurdity. The word Sheraf comes from a French cult comic movie called "La classe américaine" (American stylish).
E.g. "Sheraf! Tu connais pas Sheraf?C’est un groupe ils etaient number 1".

The sound?
A fusion of Metal, punk, classical music, jazz, movie soundtrack, gypsie music and electronica are mixed to the Guitar, Violin, Bass, Trumpet, Drums and Vocal madness.

After the first demo album, Pedral contacted Trey Spruance (from Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Faith no more and John Zorn Cobra) to know his opinion about Vladimir Bozar music.
The first answer was a very sympathic message in French telling:
"Obviously,this music is composed of lunatics hopelessly.We have similar problems, it is therefore normal we are friends.As people focused, we understand us.Universal Sprache"

After these words and some exchange email, Trey Spruance was ok to work on a Secret Chiefs 3 and Vladimir Bozar tour in France.

Before, the this tour happened, Vladimir Bozar plaid few gigs with Estradasphere trio(also Secret Chiefs 3 musicians and are signed by Mimicry records,Trey Spruances Personal Label) in France at the end of 2007.

A friendship was born...

In 2008, when Vladimir Bozar decided to record their first album, Pedral remembered his discussion with Tim Smolens(who had worked on Mr Bungle) and his way of recording and mixing .Tim Smolens and Jason Schimmel agreed to mix the album. In may 2008, Pedral and Mina went to the Estradaspheres studio in Seattle and worked on "Universal Sprache"(Vladimir Bozar’s Debut album with Estradasphere musicians)

Timb Harris from Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3 helped a lot for his mix and did some trumpet overdub like he did in California from Mr Bungle. Tim recorded some double bass and vocals, Jason some mandolin, and others musicians Trumbon and Flute...

After this great adventure, Universal Sprache his album was ready for the Secret Chiefs 3 and Vladimir Bozar "J'aime le Yaourt Tour" in September 2008.

Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestär is now working on a new tour for 2009 and will have the french magazine ELEGY as main partner.The band provides to go tour through Europe and would like to organise a tour in USA and would love to export his music to Japan.