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"ALL PRESS check below"

ORKUS Claus Müller Story and review february 2010
DARK SPY MAGAZINE Katharina Poth Story january / february issue 2010
SONIC SEDUCER Torsten Schäfer Story february 2010
GOTHIC Carsten Girke Story (1 site) and review - march 2010
KINKATS Thorsten Wilms Story and review february 2010
NEGATIEF Bruno Kramm Story, one site, february 2010
ROCK CITY NEWS Ewald Funk Story and review february 2010
METAL HAMMER Matthias Wechmann Review march 2010.
ROCK HARD Frank Albrecht Review march 2010.
XAVER Thomas Jentsch Review february 2010.
LEGACY Patric Knittel Review - march issue 2010.
ROCK IT Martin Schneider Good review in the issue february 2010. 7/10 points.
LIVE IN Norbert Stattler Review february 2010.
STATION TO STATION Stephan Karl Moritz Review february 2010.
VINTAGE GUITAR NEWS Gunter Janssen Review will come in the april issue.
SYNTHETICS Michael L. Spenst Review will come in the issue 89.
STALKER MAGAZIN Markus Seibel Review will come. Sent CD on 08.02.10
Mec Pom - Pressebüro, Schweriner Express... OLE STEFFEN KLEIN Review will be in the next issue of SVZ.
NACHTAKTIV Andreas Saulig Review in one of the next issues.
HEAVY Jagger / Stefan Glas Review is planed.
EXTRA TIP GÖTTINGEN Frank Beckenbach Review is planed.
BLITZ! Peter Matzke Review is planed.
EMP MAILORDER Oliver Kirchner The album will get listed in the summer-issue.
POPCORN Stefan Kirmair They are interested in VLAD IN TEARS. We have to talk about details.
MÄRKISCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG Gerd Dehnel (Freelancer) He provided the single to MAZ.
MELODIE UND RHYTHMUS Carsten Aghte Review is written. Maybe he can place it in the march issue of Melodie & Rhythmus.
DARMSTÄDTER ECHO Dr. Stephan Görisch "Album has arrived. More infos soon."
- our press results 2010 GERMANY

"A lot of reviews found below"

check out the link to read reviews:

http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/code666/337746-vlad-tears-seed-ancient-pain-reviews.html#post6605107 - div.


- After the End: 2006 (My Kingdom Music/Audioglobe) Europe
- Seed of Ancient Pain: 2007 (AuralMusic/SPV/Plastichead) Europe (The End Records) USA/Canada
- Entrapped Soul: 2008 (D.A.Records/Plastichead/Eclipse) World Wide, special edition cd, sold out
- Pact with the Night: 2009 (D.A.Records/Pirames/Code7) World Wide, special edition EP
- 2010: "UNDERSKIN" release february 2010 currently in G/A/S at Hellfest Rec./Universal

Marketing and promotion information about the upcoming Release on Hellfest Rec/Universal:
We will start with the first song called "Your doom" as a teaser campaign on the CD Promo Compilation Hellfest "New Blood Vol. VI".

Later we start the promotion with the song "forbidden dream" as a huge club promo and rock radio promo.

Album "Underskin" Promotion will start in December for the february issues together with an advertising campaign in all the important music mags.

Parallel we commence with a retail campaign and online retail.

In January the online promotion starts for 350 online plattforms (i can give you more details which ones etc. later on, as well as the ads for the music mags)

In the same month we do an X-Tra-X Partnership with a Mailorder campaign as well as a street promotion with flyers, stickers etc. to rockclubs, music bars, tattoo shops,

skater shops etc.

In February a G/A/S tour will be done and in march we start the the promotion of the 2nd single "Forbidden Dream" again in rock clubs and radios.

VLAD IN TEARS played over 200 shows in the last 18 months, 50 of them in UK. Their myspace profice has currently over 1.5mio views and the older songs (not available anymore) had up to 350.000 listenings.




Vlad in Tears was born in the 2005, from the dream of Kris, the lead vocals and piano player…
The band is composed by three brothers: Kris, Lex, Dario, and from their best friend ever Alexander. At the beginning, the band played as a HIM cover band, but soon they started writing their own songs, trying to arrive to a label…
After 34 gigs in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Ex-Yugoslavia, the band entered a recording studio, to realize their first demo tape “After the End”. This demo, composed by 10 songs, was never released, but used as a promotional item to reach some fans in Europe. Maybe they have never imagined how much this demo tape would have helped their quest, because the press, the people, soon started to put their eyes on the band. The sound was rude, but useful to their aim…
Hundreds of reviews, press interviews, live reviews, radio interviews and so on, brought the ViT to become one of the most amazing Gothic Italian best acts. The band decided to enter again the recording studio, thanks to the new deal with the amazing label Aural Music. The result was “Seed of an Ancient Pain”, claimed to be the best Gothic indie release of 2007. Soon the band reached many new fans, thanks to a great promotion, and thanks to the myspace profile, where the band has reached almost 10.000 friends in 6 months…
Now in 2010 VLAD IN TEARS has over 31.000 Friends,
Almost 1.6mio plays for their songs
More than 1.1mio visitors on myspace page!
After some promotional months, the band started to play their 1st world tour, self made, but still amazing. Totally, they played 200 gigs in one year, due to the great amount of fans, and cds sold. The press said: “In this tour, the ViT are reaching the deepest side of what touring means” (Rock Hard, n° 43), “Even if there are no great agencies behind ‘em, in this tour the ViT are teaching the greatest bands how to play for the love of music” (Insomnia Magazine), “The ViT are coming from Italy to help us understanding the meaning of Gothic world” (Goth Legacy Magazine), “Seeing the ViT live makes me feel like in a dream, I've listened their albums thousands, but now I know I will love them for ever” (Spider's Web), “Even if here we are not used to have Italian bands touring, they showed me how great this country could be, because they bring with them a strange strength, and now I love them, I love Italy” (Gothic Vogue)…
Thanks to this success, because many dates were sold out, in particular the ones in UK and South America, the band is working to the new album, and is ready to start their 2nd world tour!!! At the moment, they will be on tour in UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, USA, Sweden, Australia…and more are to come…
Update february 2010: Now the new Album "Underskin" is released (produced by John Fryer -H.I.M., DEPECHE MODE, NIN etc.) in Germany/Austria and Switzerland and the press results are amazing. Tons of Interviews, Storys, Reviews etc. in the most popular music magazines like METAL HAMMER, ORKUS, SONIC SEDUCER, LEGACY, EMP, DARK SPY etc. are appearing in february and march 2010 issues. VLAD IN TEARS also found a strong joint venture with very known booking agent TARGET CONCERTS (GREEN DAY, HENRY ROLLINS etc.) and the first tour in germany is fixed in April in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and many other cities. After the promotion of two singles we have more great results, both singles "Forbidden Dream" and "my wreck" entered the D.A.T.20 Charts (official german alternative Trend Charts). The Album is currently in the Top 10 ranking!
Now the new and strongest single "You'll burn my dream" is just before being promoted in March and April 2010. The song is a ballad and we expect to gather all releveant Radiostations over germany to play this amazing ballad. Our first goal is to reach Top 200 Airplay Charts.....the story is about to continue.....
So stay tuned, and let's see what happens!!!