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V-Nice is the epitome of a classic Hip-Hop Artist with his smooth delivery, charasmatic vocals, catchy metaphors, and lyrical punchlines. V-Nice also is equipped with the Stage Presence to bring a crowd into the show and keep them reeling for more.


To Whom It May Concern:

In hopes that this package receives you well, I would just like to introduce
V-NICE aka Big Vince. Within you will find info on past and present projects, head shots, and a couple pieces of product (feel free to listen to the cd’s in your car…If you still listen to cd’s that is. lol).
Thanks for your critical review and feedback…We’ll be in touch.

Musical Biography of V- NICE:
Born and raised on the East Side of Houston, TX, V-Nice has definitely begun to make his name felt within the industry. After appearing on Paula DeAndas’ J Records release in 2006 (#8 “Wanna Be With You”), V Nice was featured on a host of different DJ mix tapes around Texas including DJ Rockwell, Rapid Ric, DJ HI-C(San Antonio), Crisco Kidd, Kyle Lee (3rd Degree), DJ Adam Bomb, etc...
“If you ask me, I really didn’t start grinding until bout “07”. I’m just getting started”
Besides his earlier two Dirty Talk mix tape releases with the Latium Entertainment group, “Dirty Talk”, V-Nice put out two under ground albums in 2007 (Stack Boy Music) which both pulled a great street response and gained him the respect of many of Americas favorite rap/hiphop/r&b artists (Beast Mixes / Jam My Shit).
With a smooth fluid delivery, V Nice knows how to get every point across with a clever street twist. He in his young age and short time as a rapper has worked with some of the Dirty South monsters in the business…The likes of Frankie J, Slim Thug, Rob G, Smoot, Devin the Dude, Stevo Valdez, Bruce Takara, Play and Skills, Ace 1, and Kyle Lee to name a few.



2006- w/ group named Dirty Talk
Dirty Talk Mixtape- Position 1 (Latium Entertainment)
Dirty Talk Mixtape- Position 2 (Latium Entertainment)
Turn it Up- All Star Mixtape Edition (Latium Entertainment)
Also featured on Paula DeAnda #8 Wanna Be With You (J Records)
Beast Mixes #1 (Stack Boy Music)
Jam My Shit (Stack Boy Music)
Featured on Quimo Acevedo- Last Man Standing (Varrio Slang Records)
Open for Business (Stack Boy Music)
Featured on Tosin’s “Great State of Texas”
Featured on Paul Wall’s Fast Lane mixtape (Lemon Drop remix)
Featured on Tosin’s Ego Stroke
Songs to check out-
1 Ridin and Smokin
2. My Side of Town feat. Kyle Lee
3. Money Walk “08”
4. Memphis Woofers