Rock folk music. Was ispired by slavonic (Uraine and Russian) history. Very spiritual and not ussial.


there are bands and there are other bands. some created for money, some for fame, and others for money, fame and rock 'n' roll.
Voanerges is a band created for a completely different reason. after playing together for a number of years the guys decided to design a sound that would incorporate the musical instruments from b.c russia, which at that time wasn't even russia but russ.
being professionally trained musicians they brought into Voanerges the elements of modern time commercial sound: funk, soul, hip-hop, rock and drymba. a musical instrument used to warn the peasants of approaching mongol invaders in the ancient land of russ.
and finally the reason. after playing for years roman (keyboards) had a vision he believes from god to create this band, and bring back the sounds of slavic past.

Voanerges is signed by emi ukraine. their first cd was released 2006, the second 2008.


Golden Gates-2006
GayDaMaki(Garden and Flowers)-2008

Set List

typical songs for live it's ten or twelve.
It's Ukrainian language songs because it folk rock music. It spend 1,5 hourse (include rellations with people at concerts)