Vocaldrops music covers almost the entire Rock genre, which makes them appeal to a much wider demographic than most rock bands. Their musical range would be "3 Doors Down" to "Godsmack". Hard work + Great music + Wide Demographic = SUCCESS! and PLATINUM ALBUM SALES!!!


Vocaldrop encompasses most of the rock genre. Songs like "Shine" and "Is Heaven Real" cover the soft rock genre while songs like "Here I Lie" and "Mock and Criticize" definately show a much harder edge.

Vocaldrop will go anywhere, play any show, work their butts off (harder than most) to get seen and heard. Having been together almost 2 years (with most of the first year spent writing and getting their songs and style together) Vocaldrop has played nearly 100 shows from Augusta Ga. to Miami Fla. and everywhere in between.

If you look at their internet fan base you will see they appeal to a very wide demographic. With influences from Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains to bands like 3 Doors down and Nickelback its no wonder they appeal to such a wide audience.


Currently Vocaldrop only has a demo CD. It has recieved airplay on some local radio stations.

Set List

We do all originals with only one cover. The cover song we do is "Break on Through" originally done by "The Doors". Our set list is currently about 1 and 1/2 hours. We have 16 songs. They include:
Here I Lie
Mock and Criticize
Is Heaven Real
The Way I Feel
Vacation From The Truth
Starring at the Sun
Wish, Want, and a Lie
Break on Through
Leave Me Be
Home Again
Cloud 9